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Up-and-coming Leeds-based artist Lindenbaum Modular releases new track 'C is for Canada'

Leeds-based electronic artist Lindenbaum Modular has added to his collection of releases this month, with euphoric track C is for Canada. Specializing in modular synth live sets, Lindenbaum Modular has debuted his repertoire at the latest two installments of inner city electronic, experimenting with an expansion of machines and sounds during his sets.

C is for Canada showcases this talent even further, being both impressive in production and stylistically very beautiful. Opening with an accumulation of ambient soundscapes that best reflect the experimentation of Four Tet, C is for Canada’s progression gracefully builds into a full-bodied drop, enriched with guitar melodies and rolling drum patterns. The inspiration he takes from the likes of Aphex Twin, Birds of Canada and Autechre is most prominent on this track, in which wandering rhythms and complimentary parts are explored sophisticatedly.

Make sure to check out his other tracks on Soundcloud, most particularly Want You, an upbeat number that intertwines classic R&B samples with protruding electro layers.

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