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From Today, Every Adult in the UK is Automatically an Organ Donor

Up until now, organ donation has been an 'opt-in' system, with people required to register if they want to donate. As of today, this system has been reversed to been an 'opt-out' system in which everyone is automatically assumed to be an organ donor, until they request otherwise.

This new system is known as 'Max and Keira's Law'. This law is named after two children, after one's organs saved the life of the other. Keria tragically die din a car accident, but her heart was able to be transplanted into Max, saving his life. Keira's family want to dispel the horror stories around organ donation, and to promote education around it in order to save hundreds more lives a year: "We'd like to see education for young children in schools. We visit schools to do talks about organ donation, afterwards a lot of children have the discussion with their parents - education is the key to get rid of all the horror stories."

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