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Review: Everyday People ‘Small Islands’

Leeds based funk/soul band Everyday People take us on a heartfelt and authentic journey to ‘Small Islands’, a place of sunshine and smooth beats. The track begins as it means to go on, with nostalgia-infused vocals layered over groovy, poignant production. Minimalist instrumentation provides a chilled out canvas for dreamlike lyrics to meander their way amongst cheerful guitar riffs, sentimental organ and a gentle embankment of percussion. ‘Small Islands’ tells a tale of idealism, respite, and slow pacific living.

A cathartic experimentation of Everyday People’s soulful sound, the track is as mellow as the emotions behind it. A progression of beautiful melancholy, ‘Small Islands’ envisions an escape from the everyday. It is the epitome of easy-listening, and provides the perfect soundtrack to wistful dreams of walking under palm trees and sipping sweet cocktails. At just past the two-minute mark, the vocals become more stripped, accompanied only by cymbal rolls and a crescendo of expressive guitar to bring the song to a close. As the song’s elements drift away, so does the mind to places far away, inspired by the funk vibes that Everyday People have so expertly crafted.

‘Small Islands’ is available now on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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