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Hope Foundry: A New Chapter for MAP

MAP Charity is an inspiring group of people who, over the last few years, have dedicated themselves to providing alternate education and qualifications to young people who would otherwise face exclusion from within the mainstream school system. They operate using what they refer to as as a 'unique model which is transforming how education and businesses interact, ensuring sustainable development opportunities.'

MAP is based in the Hope Foundry- a historic listed building that has been their home for over a decade . Built at the start of the 19th century, Hope Foundry has seen a variety of functions pass through its door. However, most recently, the grim reaper of redevelop has turned its fateful scythe in the direction of the charity, with the site becoming at risk of being converted into flats.

Since this announcement, a passionate campaign has ensued with the objective of raising the funds necessary to rescue the building and sustain it as the home of the charity. Cosmic Slop, a group of DJs that put on events in Leeds have all got behind the initiative in an attempt to raise the money. Several big name such a Four Tet, Floating Points, and Gilles Peterson have either donated or helped campaign for the charity.

But it was this week that it was announced that over £1 million has been raised for the cause- enough to secure the site and prevent it from being redeveloped. This is a massively significant piece of news that ensures the young people of Leeds still have access to this incredible scheme.

Tom Smith, MAP’s co-founder, said: “Formally acquiring the building is truly humbling as it has only been possible thanks to extraordinary members of the public.'

Spurred on by this breakthrough, MAP are set to evolve and expand their creative program for young people. But for now, MAP is safe, and will continue to deliver immensely beneficial opportunities for the young

people that really need it.

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