Music of the Month: December 2019

We’re constantly on the lookout for amazing music new and old, and each month we share our favourite discoveries with our readers. The motto: “Broaden some horizons”. 3 songs of varying genres. 1 cover song that we love for some reason or another. 1 essential album to hear before you die. Song #1 – ‘Sanpellegrino’ (Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn) Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn are an alternative hip-hop duo from Brighton. With raw lyrics and emotive instrumentals, these guys offer a catchy glimpse in to their own everyday struggles. You could say that this kind of sound represents a flip side to UK rap that is often ignored by the mainstream. Although, with artists like Loyle Carner flourishing,

IDLES Are Still Fucking Brilliant

“Luke, Dan and I are currently sat in old bar utterly exhausted. Luke tells me he’s bruised his arms. Dan is coughing like he’s got bronchitis and my hands are shaking so much I can barely type. It was one hell of a gig. IDLES are a non-stop riot. Their punk songs are intercut with messages of love and affection for our fellow man. Joe Talbot is like an angry Ringo. A message of ‘Peace and love’ is on the agenda- and you’d better fucking accept that.” Those were the words I wrote, whilst pumped with adrenaline and hardly being able to walk after the battering that gig gave me. Two weeks later, and my bruises have just about healed, and I’ve swapped the bustling Leeds nightlife for Christmas

Meet The Team: Joseph Coventry (Big Jo)

We spoke to our longstanding contributor Joseph Coventry (Big Jo) as part of 'Meet The Team', a new series where we talk to the people who are at the heart of BabyStep Magazine. Joe spoke to us about the great work he continues to do with the Underneath Collective and went on to talk about his Spanish musical influences, creative inspirations and the thriving house party scene in Leeds. Please tell us your name, age, and what you currently do Joseph, 21, Event Organizer for BabyStep but also a DJ and I run my own collective called Underneath Collective. Tell us how you got involved with BabyStep, and what your role is within the magazine? Well I lived round the corner from Josh's girlfriend

Kojaque: A Dynamic Display by One of the Emerald Isle’s Finest

A few years ago, Ireland and hip-hop would have seemed an unlikely fusion. Yet as ‘Kojaque’ (alias of Irish rapper Kevin Smith) took to the stage at Headrow House on the last night of his ‘Baby I’m a Shitbag Tour’, he looked far from out of place. Buttressed by both the commercial success of fellow Irish MCs and by his own stature as one of the forerunners of the burgeoning Dublin music scene, his headline show was simply a reflection of just how far he’s come in recent years. Alongside his pals in co-owned label ‘Soft Boy Records’, Smith prides himself on a light-hearted and communitive approach to making music. Entering the stage accompanied by Kean Kavanagh on the decks behind him he imme

Little Simz ends 2019 with a seamless performance in Leeds

London rapper Little Simz has had a stellar 2019. Her album GREY Area, released in March, received critical acclaim across the board and even earned a Mercury Prize nomination. The recognition and praise that the album received was a worthy moment of gratification to mark the years of graft she had put in prior to this release. This is a mentality that translates seamlessly into Simz’s live show, a sizeable amount of effort and hard work has clearly gone into everything surrounding the performance. She explodes onto the stage to the gritty beat of 'Boss', before whipping out a megaphone to recreate the distorted, lo-fi sound of her vocals on the album cut. She executes it as a perfect set op

Getting to Know: Blendworks

Blendworks is a Leeds-based label that champions rising DJs and producers in the local house and techno scene. Originating in Barnsley in South Yorkshire, the group have developed an evident passion for the underground electronic music scene of Leeds, which they channel through crisp imaginative production and vibrant parties. We spoke to head of the label George Slater, who gave us an insight into how Blendworks came to be, and where they are headed next. For those who haven't heard of you, what's Blendworks all about? Blendworks is a group of artists and close friends sharing their passion and adoration for the underground electronic music scene. We don’t like to label ourselves under one

Impeached: Donald Trump, Blackmail, and Obstructing Justice

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been impeached. This historic moment occurred last night (UK time) following two votes in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. This comes after months of hearing and scrutinising evidence, and we at BabyStep stayed up until the early hours to watch the verdict live so that we could sum up what we heard. The process of impeachment is reserved for the highest crimes, where a president is believed to have used their power for personal gains, or to commit offences against their own country or people. In the case of Donald Trump, his main crime is this: Trump used his power to try and force another country to interfere in the

inner city electronic Returns to Leeds with Explosive Lineup

On Monday 9th of December, inner city electronic announced its 2020 line up for its third year running in Leeds. Inner city electronic, created by Ralph Lawson, is an innovative celebration of electronic music and culture which provides a wealth of outstanding acts, talks and workshops. This year’s 24hr event will bless us with the likes of Peggy Gou, or:la, Orbital, Young Marco and HAAi to name a few. The event will take place on March 7th, and will run from at 10am until 10am on the 8th, giving us a full 24 hours of electronic heaven. Along with this line up, a bunch of great well-known Leeds contributors are helping to host the 2020 event. These contributors consist of Resident Advisor, F

Album Review: Kaytranada's 'BUBBA'

Genre-merging Canadian producer Kaytranada has finally dropped his sophomore album ‘BUBBA’, 3 years after his Polaris Music Prize winning ’99.9%’ back in 2016. The album plays beautifully from beginning to end with each track seamlessly weaving into the next, taking us on a trippy journey around the dancefloor. The 17-track album is embellished with features from Pharrell, Teedra Moses, Mick Jenkins and many more, adding to Kaytranada’s impressive portfolio of collaborations. The album introduces itself with ‘DO IT’, a classic Kaytra beat trademarked with his signature custom-made synths and drums. Nothing wild, he’s reminding us of what we’ve been missing and familiarising us with the house

Getting to Know: No Way Back

No Way Back is a Leeds and Bristol based night that seeks to host a variety of artists in the UK electronic dance music scene. ​We wanted to have a chat with them before they're upcoming event at Bar 212 on 14th December, which will feature DJ Luz, Sequential residents and Alex D. Having hosted an impressive selection of artists including Peach, Laksa, Chekov, Volruptus, 96back, Parris, Klaus and more, we wanted to hear more about NWB and how they came to be. We spoke to one of the founding members, Dominic Alston, who gave us an insight into the origins, driving force and future plans of No Way Back. For those who haven’t heard about you, what’s NWB all about? No Way Back is a night in Leed

Meet The Team: Alisha Shah

Please tell us your name, age, role in the magazine and what you currently do? Alisha, 21, Contributor and freelance writer but also full time Societies Development Coordinator at Arts Students’ Union (UAL). Tell us how you got involved with BabyStep and what your role is within the magazine? Simply was inspired by Josh’s raw passion to showcase all the beautiful musical talent residing in, and visiting, Leeds. The north is something to be celebrated and I was to be a part of that as much as possible. Tell us about some other projects your involved in I Co-founded my own collective for Leeds-based womxn of colour and non-binary people of colour. Our aim is to create a platform where they can

Interview: Long Legged Creatures Discuss Beginnings, Influences, and Love of Leeds

Long Legged Creatures​ are Leeds-based band who showcase an impressive blend of live- produced electronica and surreal guitar tones. Having recently released their mind-bending new single 'Demonise', we wanted to return to the chat that we had with them following their explosive show at Hyde Park Book Club​ as part of Weekend Respite. To people who haven’t heard of you, how would you summarise your sound? Seb: I think the whole idea is to capture the spirit of electronic dance music, but quite heavily through an analogue lens. For example, with the bass we are trying to simulate the low- end of dance music, and then I try and make my guitar sound as 'un-guitary' as possible. We want to captu

Music of the Month: November 2019

Everyone has their own music taste, but there’s always room for growth. That’s the mantra at BabyStep. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our first “Music of the Month”. The goal here is simple and pure; "Broaden some horizons”. 3 songs of varying genres. 1 cover song that we love for some reason or another. 1 essential album to hear before you die. Song #1 – ‘Woman’ (Detroit Swindle) Since forming in 2011, the Dutch double act Detroit Swindle have enjoyed a steady and successful growth. In recent years, their groovy house has echoed around the venues of the world, much to the delight of music fans everywhere from Africa to Europe to the Far East. They started their career well with the relea

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