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Triptych: Bakey & Mage Join Forces on New Leeds Event Series

As summer draws to a close and the days get shorter, it can at times feels like things are winding down. However, in Leeds, that couldn't be farther from the truth, as fresh wave of new projects and events begin to spring up across the city.

One such project comes courtesy of Leeds artists Bakey and Mage, who have teamed up to create Triptych - the new multi-genre event series due to kick off this October.

Triptych aims to provide a space for artists really explore their sounds: "We are determined to create a night with a focus on creating an atmosphere for DJs to let loose and dig deep into their catalogues. The aim was to effectively divide the event into 3 sets in order to give the night tight focus and the performers the freedom to express their unique styles. This is partly why we started the night. We felt that although a night that has many more performers on it appeals in some ways, there was clearly space for a night like ours to provide something that feels more cohesive."

Triptych will be kicking off their first install at renowned Leeds basement venue Wire on October 18th. Featuring sets from the head honchos themselves, the lineup also features London-based FELIXCW and headliner Kitsta - two highly talented producers that we have had the pleasure of following for quite some time.

We spoke to the guys about what Triptych will offer musically: 'Cohesive and focussed but critically not uniform. We will be moving across the spectrum of electronic music, powering through from the slow and off kilter to the high energy, high tempo sounds that Wire has become synonymous with. Having spent a lot of time in Wire (one of us has worked there for a year) we felt it fit precisely the ethos we were trying to follow, both with its safer space policy, iconic lighting and top notch sound system. We can’t wait to hear what Kitsta has planned, having been fans of her output on the radio for quite some time, and it really is an honour to welcome her as our first headliner.'

It's not one to miss. Grab your ticket HERE.


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