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Tracks That Shaped Our Sound: Alibi

The music of Alibi has become a mainstay in the BabyStep Studio, with a sound that wonderfully re-imagines the music of key figures in British Music throughout the years. The London based band are made up of Laurie Blayney, Stan Thompson, Connor Stratton-Darling, Joe Toone, and Mickey Casartelli came together with an idea of something more than the shaky times they were living in and started rehearsing together in a small, industrial estate in Charlton, London. We sat down with the band to hear about the tracks that have shaped their sound for their upcoming single 'Daytime Fantasy' that'll be released on the 30th of April. Be sure to save the date and look out for them on Soundcloud on the day of it's release. Without further ado, here are the tracks that shaped their sound:

The Sex Pistols, Holidays In The Sun

Steve Jones is a great guitarist. He’s not trying to be a virtuoso or reinvent the wheel he’s just trying to get that sound. The Sex Pistols weren’t just a band they had it all and took music forward, and though picking one of their tunes is always hard we feel like this one is a safe bet.

The Stone Roses, I Am The Ressurection

John squire is one of the best to ever do it. Could it be the greatest stone roses tune? Quite possibly. Great melodies and sick guitar licks, what’s not to like. The end jam could’ve been a fucking anthem on its own - when you can hum along, note for note to a 5-minute guitar solo, you know it’s a banger.

Oasis, Rock ‘N’ Roll Star

One of those tunes that makes you feel like you could walk through a brick wall. The guitar sound they got, Liam's vocals in the 90’s, it all comes together and hits different, leaving you with a perfect rock n roll song.

Faces, Stay With Me

Bluesy chords, great simple guitar riffs. The faces were a fun band with great songs. The whole song is 3 chords but they get creative with it and own it. Simplicity is great in music and it works so well here. We want to be a band where anyone can pick up a guitar and play along to your song, none of that pretentious nonsense.

The Rolling Stones, Street Fighting Man

Keef made an unbelievable wall of sound on this song and he did it with acoustic guitars and a fucking cassette player. Overloading the cassette machine so it would sound like thunder, creating his own DIY overdrive pedal in 68 and a timeless classic to go with it.


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