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Tracks That SHaped Our Sound: Adult DVD

Adult DVD is the product of lockdown boredom, complying with the questionable UK Government’s even more questionable guidelines, Harry Hanson and Greg Lonsdale wrote songs over the internet together. Influenced heavily by bands like LCD Soundsytem and Soulwax, they both wanted to give something back to the early 2000’s fusion of indie rock and dance music. As the musical ideas formed into songs, Adult DVD then became more serious; to which Jonathan Newell, Danny Blackburn, Jake Williams and Charlie Howard joined the band. Broken English is Adult DVD’s first offering, a song about being confused on this strange little planet.

We spoke to Greg Lonsdale about the tracks that have most heavily influenced the bands sound, enjoy!

Gorillaz - O Green World

It's 2005, I'm in year 6 at school, I win an ipod nano at some school raffle, I ride my Hot Wheels

scooter all the way home to burn some of my dad's cds onto itunes. I liked animals so Gorillaz it

was. So I'm guessing those farty baselines and sampled strings have influenced us from a very

early age. The music just sounds so cool, so much attitude and freedom, love it.

Fatima Yamaha - Love Invaders

Fast forward ten years, the farty analogue bass sound is still alive and thriving. Music has

changed around this phenomenon while it remains, driving the party. Fatima Yamaha smashes it

out the park with love invaders. Similar to that song we wrote, its bassline and noodley

interludes continue to drive the party goers into the early hours of the morning without a sweat.

(household parties only please)

The Stranglers - No More Heroes

Here is one for the dads. So the chorus has some crazy organ or synth or something in it. Is it

played? Is it an arpeggiator? Either way it sounds wild and there is no chance we could play

anything like that. But i would like to think we captured that same element of surprise in Broken

English when that super squarky arpeggiator kicks in towards the end.

Le Tigre - Deceptacon

My mate recently showed me this tune and it's been stuck in my head ever since. It definitely

sounds like it's from the 80s but it's proper not. I checked previous to writing this and it's from

1999, mad! Anyway, once more the simple bassline strikes again but this time it's punky, not

funky. Then you’re quickly hit with almost hip hop like samples keeping it fresh and interesting.

LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

To be honest i don't think there is much point in me expanding this one. What a tune. What a

band. What a live performance. Sneaked in Arcade Fire there too!

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