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To The Local With Motherland

Five piece alt-rock band Motherland hail from the North East. They are a band who have long been on our radar, having recently joined forces with independent label Rebel Rose. Their latest single 'Ocean Drive' is a complete and total summer-time anthem, with lyrics describing the euphoria of love wherein the narrator is completely giving themselves to someone, and that actually being a pretty daunting and vulnerable act.

Compared to our other singles 'Ocean Drive' definitely has a stronger pop-rock influence, we've been told in the past we have a nostalgic sound that is fresh but familiar and I'd like to say we really bring that exact feeling with this track. The sound really developed in the studio with collaborative input from George Collings at In Heart Studios (based in Newcastle) who helped and encouraged us to bring the track to the next level." We spoke to the band about the local music, venues, and record stores most special to them. Enjoy!

Venus Grrrls

We saw Venus play at an art show at Hit the Bar in Boro in 2019 and they just had this unique sound with incredible vocals that you couldn’t stop listening to. Great to see their recent track 'Violet State of Mind' being played all over the airways. Truly deserved.


Ghost//Signals have an undeniable dark 80’s sound, which in this current climate might be oversaturated and even slightly overdone, but it truly never seems that way with this band. They sincerely pioneer the softer and more darker side of that era, and that passion is wholeheartedly on display when they perform.

Ten Eighty Trees

We first played with these guys at Heelapolooza in 2019, they have this crazy intensity around them, their music is always so polished and riff-heavy, they have a huge stage presence that doesn't let up for a second whilst they're up there – just leaves your head spinning!

Avalanche Party

This band has showcased what hard work and determination can achieve. We were lucky enough to see them grow from fresh faced local supporting slots, to headlining status. A truly talented act.


We caught these guys at this year's Make A Scene festival at PlayBrew in Middlesbrough, they have this electronic/pop-punk sound with a big presence on stage. Now they are signed with Make A Scene Management – we eagerly await to see what they bring to the table next.

Local venues

Basecamp, Middlesbrough

We’ve performed here countless times now and the sound is always huge. It’s a weird and wonderful venue in the best way possible. The events here are always to a fantastic audience. It’s the type of venue you’d go to if you just love live music – there are always local bands to catch, it really helps the scene grow.

Georgian Theatre, Stockton

Not only is it a stunning venue it’s steeped in rich event-based history. It’s a venue we recently played for ‘Songs From Northern Britain,’ introduced by Vic Galloway off 'BBC Radio 6', always a colossal sound with a great set up.

Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough – This venue has played host to many of our shows, some of which have been the best we’ve ever played. It’s a venue that has great local support and has been around for many years and just has its own unique charm. A truly fantastic venue for live music.

Local record store

Earworm Records, York

Kind of local, it’s a hidden gem in York. It’s probably the tiniest shop We've ever been in and is just wall to wall records, predominantly second hand just giving these stunning records a new lease of life. You could definitely find your new favourite band hidden away in there on vinyl.

Check out the bands latest single HERE


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