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Skies- Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Drawing inspiration from icons like Paramore, Twenty-One Pilots, and Enter Shikari, SKIES is carving a niche with their signature blend of rock, alternative, and pop. Their music is not just heard but felt, with infectious melodies and hooks that linger long after the last note fades. SKIES has already captured the attention of New Music Friday, All New Rock, and BBC Radio 1, and their sensational performances have graced prestigious stages like Kendal Calling Festival. Their journey is one to be witnessed, from sold-out shows to captivating audiences across the UK since March.

We caught up with them about the tracks that shaped their sound, enjoy!

Bombay Bicycle Club - Diving ft. Holly Humberstone

Bombay Bicycle Club have been in our music collections since their first EP’s. They have a song for every life moment and have helped us through lots of phases in life. For us, that commitment to the muse of the music over the competitive nature of following the success paths of others has come through in their career. It’s fun and feels great to have a Bombay playlist going. Their latest single ‘Diving’ hits somewhere we didn’t know existed and that is the fun of writing music.

Coldplay - Orphans

We love Coldplay, we used to say all the things said by a Coldplay fan when asked their favourite artists, but we do love Coldplay. We had their latest album ‘Music of the Spheres’ on repeat for months and saw them at Wembley on their recent tour. It’s ‘church’ going to one of their shows. It has elements of alchemy, worship, celebration and wonder all wrapped into a gig, with a band, and an audience, in a huge space. The track that still gets us, especially in recent times is ‘Orphans’. And the video is them playing live in Jordan.

Don Broco -One True Prince

We like to explore the depths of our existence through our music and lyrics. Sometimes to help that down, we need to beat the crap out of drums and break strings on guitars. Our heavier tracks are highly influenced by the band ‘Don Broco’. We went to see them at their Royal Albert Hall show with an orchestra in March last year and ‘Everybody’ kicked off. It was so fun and I lost it in my seat. Every so often they also produce a track that makes us cry/get overwhelmed with the beauty of it. ‘One True Prince’ did exactly that, so beautiful, I don’t know where they had to go to feel that feeling but it hits. Then add an orchestra… Florence + The Machine - Free

In the last couple of years, I have been learning to accept and manage my sensitivity as a human and incorporate that into my music life. Gigging, writing, recording, promoting all can get a bit much when it gets busy. Instead of just wallowing in your own pity, its nice to just feel heard and understood so you can pick yourself up and move on. ‘Free’ by Florence and the Machine was one of those songs that came along, sat me down, let me cry then get up and keep going. It’s so fun too and the video is great. Enter Shikari - (pls) set me on fire

5 tracks is hard, there’s a hundred more that need a mention, especially given the slight shift of pace and style in our latest single ‘If Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, You’d Better Stay Away a Little Longer’. Our influences aren’t always music related, sometimes it’s a quality in an artist that inspires us to work harder or a hurdle they’ve overcome to act different and find another way. Enter Shikari’s career has inspired us to keep going, keep true to our vision and find any way to enjoy the journey more. Sometimes these bands releases, like Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon don’t always appear in our playlists but their commitment to adapting, enjoying and excelling in what they do inspire us to love ourselves and what we do more along the way. So thank you to these bands, and thank you for giving us something to keep growing with. Please check out the bands music below:


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