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Review: Red Sky By Pearson Sound

UK producer and Hessle audio founder Pearson Sound has continued his steady output in

2022 with the release of the Red Sky EP, a 4-track love letter to nineties and noughties

underground dance. Title track Red Sky is a perfectly paced 8-minute odyssey that steadily

builds momentum through expressive breaks, pulsating bass, and a captivating synth lead.

The next track, Sinkhole, is the heaviest on the EP, resulting from what Pearson Sound

described via his Instagram as “two 808 basslines fighting to play at the same time”.

Coupled with snappy drums they give tune a real bounce, accompanied by reverb-laden

keys and sinister creaks and drips.

Freefall is the song most dripping in 90’s influence, the creepy techno banger adorned with

snippets from eerie oral testimony. The minimal yet effective synth hits and sound effects

from Sinkhole remain, alongside tight ticking hi-hats and thumping bass. The closer Around

in Circles ups the tempo, which Pearson sound accredits to a delve back into the Autonomic

sound of the noughties and some of his own early work. All in all, the EP does a lot with very

little, combining hard-hitting beats with sparce minimal embellishments to deliver a

throwback EP comprising of songs that will not sound at all out of place in the modern club



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