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Renforshort supporting Lauv - Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith

Canadian singer/song writer Lauren Isenberg, known as renforshort, debuted with her singles “Waves” and “Mind Games” in 2019 as an independent artist. The viral success of these songs lead Isenberg to releasing her debut EP “The Teenage Angst” in 2020.

Renforshort has just finished touring Europe with pop artist Lauv, and we headed down to see her set in London.

Accompanied by guitarist Duncan Grant, Ren took to the stage in front of a sold out Eventim Apollo, sporting a black mini skirt and oversized brown button down.

Performing songs such as “I drive me mad”& “f*ck, I love my friends”, the crowds attention was on the singer who made full use of the vast stage, interacting with the audience wherever she could.

Ending her set by going to the barrier of the crowd, instructing them to sing back to her, a sea of people echoed her chants, which definitely warmed up the atmosphere just before the headline act.

The London show was so successful, that the singer announced an impromptu meet up in Hyde Park to perform a small acoustic set to hard-core fans.

We look forward to see what Ren has in store next!


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