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Real Estate Unveils “Haunted World” as a Mesmerizing Preview of Upcoming Album "Daniel"

Indie rock stalwarts Real Estate are gearing up for the release of their Daniel Tashian-produced record, aptly titled "Daniel," hitting the airwaves on February 23rd via Domino Records. Following the whimsically nostalgic single "Water Underground" and an imaginative music video featuring stars from the '90s Nickelodeon sitcom "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," the band treats fans to another sonic delight with the unveiling of "Haunted World."

Drenched in chiming guitars and poignant verses, "Haunted World" transports listeners back to Real Estate's roots when they first captivated audiences in 2009. Frontman Martin Courtney navigates existential confusion with his signature vocals, leading to a tight hook that takes an unexpected turn in the chorus. Nashville virtuoso Justin Schipper adds a touch of magic with his pedal steel, enhancing the song's dynamics and depth. Producer Daniel Tashian's keen suggestion to fortify the refrain proves right on the money.

Courtney humorously remarks about "Haunted World," stating, "‘Haunted World’ sounds like a 90s sitcom theme to us. Network execs - this song is available, and we are ready and willing to sell to the highest bidder. We’re super happy with how this one turned out. We had a nice arrangement worked out before we headed to Nashville to record, but it really came to life in the studio. Sometimes a song will surprise you like that."

As the band's sixth full-length album, "Daniel" boasts 11 tracks crafted during a spirited nine-day recording spree at RCA Studio A in Nashville with GRAMMY-winning producer Daniel Tashian (known for his work with Kacey Musgraves). Real Estate effortlessly melds the uninhibited wonder of their early work with the seasoned perspective of adulthood, delivering shimmering and radiant compositions.

Reflecting on the album's title, the band decided on "Daniel" almost whimsically during a recording session discussion. Whether an ode to Daniel Tashian or a testament to the band's maturity, it captures the essence of a group that can now create music that's both earnest and self-aware.

Additionally, Real Estate has something special for the "Daniels" of the world. A unique "Daniel-Only" album release show is set to take place at Union Pool in New York on February 22, 2024. Admission is free with RSVP, exclusively for those with a first, middle, or last name of Daniel (Dan, Danielle, Danny, Daniella, Danielson, etc). Non-Daniel +1s are welcome, but space is limited, and it's a first-come, first-served affair. This special event precedes the band's extensive Spring North American tour, commencing in Vancouver on March 1st and concluding in Atlanta on May 26th.

In anticipation of the release of Daniel, Martin and Alex will be in the UK for an acoustic instore and signing at London’s Rough Trade East on 6th February. Ticket on sale now from here.


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