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Places+Faces: Ewan Sim

"Diving into the Essence of Soul-Pop: Ewan Sim'S music Unveils 'Meaning of Life'. Hailing from Manchester, UK, Ewan Sim is a musical force infused with the timeless echoes of past legends and the contemporary spirit of today. With influences ranging from Soul to Pop and R&B, Ewan Sim crafts a sonic journey that transcends genres.

His signature sound weaves raw vocals and heartfelt lyrics into a tapestry that has garnered recognition from prominent platforms. Clash Magazine has taken notice, and his music has graced the airwaves of BBC Introducing in Manchester, BBC Radio 1, and Kiss FM UK.

And now, brace yourself for Ewan Sim's latest release, 'Meaning of Life', hitting the airwaves on August 4th, 2023.

In a world where questions of purpose and existence often linger, Ewan Sim dives deep into the realm of introspection with 'Meaning of Life'. Through soulful pop melodies, he weaves a narrative of profound self-reflection, inviting listeners to ponder their own paths. We spoke to Ewan about his beloved Manchester, about the places and faces that influence him, enjoy:

The single resonates with raw emotion, seamlessly blending Ewan's powerful vocals with an energetic fusion of brass, organs, and dynamic drums. BBC Introducing in Manchester has lent its support to this compelling release, affirming its undeniable impact.

'Meaning of Life' marks just the beginning of Ewan Sim's musical journey in 2023. With a series of releases on the horizon, this Manchester talent is set to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and introspective storytelling. Stay tuned for the release on August 4th, and prepare to embark on a soulful adventure with Ewan Sim."

Manchester Artists

North Base

Must listen for fans of D&B - Been smashing it for years on the dance music circuit. I have released two collaborations with the Drum & Bass duo and we are currently working on a future release together - so look out for that!


Rock n Roll indie lads - huge tunes these boys have been producing and growing bigger with each release and show. They have a headline show at Band on The Wall in Manchester 1st September.

Anthony Szmierek

First heard his tunes through BBC Introducing in Manchester - got a real edge and something unique going with his music. Love his tune The Words to Auld Lang Syne - cool concept behind the theme and lyrics.


What a voice this Manchester songstress has! Pure soul and exactly what I like to hear in music. No gimmicks required - you can't teach vocals like this!


Band on The Wall

Such a good venue in Manchester. See many shows here including Craig Charles Funk and Soul show which is class!

The venue has also been recently refurbed - the live sound is always top notch + also run an education programme for local communities.

Deaf Institute

The music hall is class - Live Gigs, Comedy & Club nights in the ballroom under a massive mirrorball. Just off Oxford road in the heart of the city Centre.

Albert Hall

Bucket list venue for me - I would love to play here. I recently saw Maverick Sabre play live - who is a big inspiration to my music. Unreal setting in this grade 2 listed building - a must visit music venue in Manchester.

Record Store

SK1 in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Cafe and record store in Stockport's Old Town. Do a great job at showcasing local talent!


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