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'Pieces' Discovers The Capacity For Queer Love

Ella Grace Denton is no stranger to online fame, having amassed a substantial following for her spiritual and women’s work. Her talents seem to be creeping further into the juicy vulnerable sides of a person, with her music unleashing a perceptive and tender lyrical voice. Her pre-existing singles, first released in 2017, play with nature, love and the human psyche in a quintessential singer-songwriter vibe (think gentle guitar and lots of powerful harmonies). Ella’s newest release, Pieces, branches out into a truly delicious sound. Dripping with a stylish and effortless groove, Ella combines a lucid electric guitar with raw and tender vocals. The lyrics, according to Denton, focus on discovering capacity for queer love, and offer a sweet and stripped back understanding of what it means to spend time with someone and fall for them.

On her Instagram, she wrote “The experience of being with a woman for the first time woke something in me and this single Pieces is an earth deep ode to that feeling. It’s a song for anyone who has ever found themselves through their sexuality and about the primal yearning that heartbreak brings.”


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