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Organic New Music Friday #7

Another instalment of Organic New Music Friday brings us to these six banging tracks, ranging from supercharged club

tunes to some delicate garage.

'Family affairs' (Nasty King Kurl Remix) - Unknown

Premiered on Berlin-based group Crude, Family Affairs is the final piece of label Nasty Enterprise's new compilation. This track, originally produced by an unknown artist, has been remixed by Nasty King Kurl - resulting in a super bassy, super breaksy number that will leave your head feeling wonderfully rattled!

Family Affairs is available to listen and share on Soundcloud, and is available to purchase here.

'Day 2' - Sean Muyaba [Halcyon Wax]

Halcyon Wax present this acidy, head-banging electronic number, produced by Sean Muyaba. All proceeds for this track will be donated to Positive Action in Housing - helping refugee and migrant families in rebuilding their lives.

Day 2 is available to listen and share on Soundcloud.

'Always Joy' - DM 90

Lithuanian producer DM 90 never disappoints with ability to deliver on genre, with Always Joy being no exception. It's been described perfectly as the ultimate song for a night drive, with its resonating synth loops and winding garage beat.

Always Joy is available to listen and share on Soundcloud.

'Hood' - Asap E

This track is creates the perfect ambience, layering jazzy melodies over rolling percussions and recurring hip hop samples.

Hood is available to listen and share on Soundcloud.

Babe Club- Upcoming EP

Capturing Blondie's mid 70’s new wave era, and the 90’s alt-pop group The Cardigans-Babe Club’s sound is marked by raw guitars, textural synths, and lustrous drum beats. A clever songwriting style reminiscent of Aimee Mann, their alluring melodies are fused with powerfully evocative and existential lyrics, yielding songs that explore self-realisation, honest emotions, friendship and themes of love.


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