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Organic New Music Friday #6

This week has lived up to usual standards with some huge tunes from underground artists, both in Leeds and around the world.

Osquello, Goldie & James Davidson - 'Restless'

As a master of the game in jazzy melodies, hip-hop infused beats and reflective lyrics, Osquello's next step needed to be a big one. Enter Restless: a track underpinned by a fresh UKG beat and twinkling piano touches that entwines Osquello's sophisticated and jazzy style. Restless also collaborates with musical legends Goldie and James Davidson as a part of Goldie's new label ‘Fallen Tree 1Hundred’, as well as upcoming visual artist Lottie Mac on the cover work.

Restless is out now on all major platforms.

Readymeal Sounds - 'IRS'

Next up is rising Leeds record label Readymeal Sound with their new single IRS. This track blends the sounds of garage, rap and jazzy melodies throughout, featuring talent from Readymeal's regulars - Ben Nimmo, Jxnior and Ruby Holliday - as well as upcoming rapper Yusuf Yellow. It's charming, fresh and gets better with every listen.

IRS is available now to pre-save, ahead of its release on 6th November via Outhouse Sounds.

Dansu Disks - '[DSD022] Dansu For Mental Health Vol. 2'

This week, Dansu Discs revealed their latest project: 'Dansu For Mental Heath Vol. 2'. Released on the 6th November, this sequel is set to be a banging compilation from some of the best upcoming garage producers - including Dubrunner and Alfredo Romero flying the flag for Leeds.

Previews of the tracks are available to listen to on Soundcloud, and you can pre-order the album here.

DJ Crisps - 'Trick me' (Re_Tricked Mix)

DJ Crisps gets us re-tricked with this edit of iconic 00s track Trick Me. Placing the sweet n swinging vocals of Kelis over a delicate UKG beat, this number will serve as a great starter to your weekend.

Trick Me is out now on Soundcloud.

Garneau - Dance Again (With Me) [Posse Up!]

Producer of all things ghetto and electro, Garneau provides another addition to Posse Up!'s 'Free Traxx' series in the form of Dance Again (With Me). On behalf of the label itself, Ghostwhip gave a pretty funny description of the track: "You remember that night when we rocked out hard to a dark techno set at 3am and then went back to the camp to chillout, and then went to look for a friend at that same stage, but by then a new deejay was playing straight vibes like this happy uplifting rave music, and that (e) we forgot we took an hour ago all of a sudden kicked in and we found our friends and ran into our other friends and everybody was smiling and I shat my pants? Yeah that night."

Dance Again (With Me) is out now on Soundcloud and available for free download.

Agora - Reach 4 The Lasers (Dead Trax) [Eminent]

To finish off this week's Organic New Music Friday we have Agora's tune Reach 4 The Lasers - one piece of the 13 track compilation "The Grooveyard: Volume 1" by Dead Trax. Agora sophisticatedly experiments with the sounds of breakbeat and electro to resonate with the album's focus on "ever-evolving" rave music.

Reach 4 The Lasers is out now on Soundcloud, and is available to buy here.


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