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Organic New Music Friday #5

Another week, another Organic New Music Friday - providing you with the best tracks that underground music has offered up in the past seven days.

Mans O - 'SPARK IT' (ft. Opoku & Mookie)

This track is incredible in a number of ways, most notably for intertwining the sounds of grime, dancehall and industrial percussion against a fast and furious tempo. Spark It sits amongst five other tracks as part of Mans O's new EP Hi-Tech Tongue; collaborating with nine other vocalists singing in Wolof, Spanish, Berber, Catalan, Darija, English, French and Creole to create a multilingual collision of sounds and cultures.

Spark It is out now on Soundcloud, and available to purchase on Bandcamp.

@mans_o (Soundcloud and Instagram)

Yusuf Yellow - 'trapped'

Leeds-based Hip Hop rapper Yusuf Yellow returns with more reflectiveness on single trapped. Effortlessly recreating the dreaminess of previous tracks such as Would It Even Matter and Growth of The Flower, his sophisticated bars and soulful melodies only get better.

Trapped is out now on Spotify.

@yusurfyellow (Instagram)

DAFS - 'Butterfly'

DAFS beautifully blends R&B with minimal garage and a delicate acoustic breakdown on his new track Butterfly. As a sequel to his charity track Blue Lights, this one is another not to miss.

Butterfly is out now on Soundcloud.

@dafss (Soundcloud) (Instagram)

HomeSick - 'His Mind'

Colliding old 90s rave tapes with footwork-inspired drums, Canadian producer HomeSick presents new track His Mind. Speaking about the inspiration behind it, His Mind was birthed out of HomeSick's desire to create the ultimate 160 number that would fit it well at any point within a set. And this tune does exactly that, receiving a great response from the music community - most notably getting played at The Librarian's Boiler Room.

His Mind is out now on Soundcloud, and available to purchase on Bandcamp.

@foreverhomesick (Soundcloud)

@homesiiick89 (Instagram)

Mushkilla - 'Lovin' U' (Mixmag)

Released on upcoming label ec2a, Lovin U is Mushkilla's latest in impressive bars and delicious UKG (with the help of producer FootPrint). Its premiere on Mixmag gives this track the platform it deserves to be heard by all.

Lovin U is out now on Soundcloud, and available to purchase on Beatport.

@mush-killa (Soundcloud)

dj cupnoodlz x AO UZZI - 'palmolive'

Palmolive takes the legendary sounds of madlib and Freddie Gibbs, transforming them into a deliciously ambient Footwork number.

Palmolive is out now on Soundcloud.

@ao-uzzi and @djcupnoodlz (Soundcloud)


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