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Organic New Music Friday #21

Welcome back to your New Music Friday, rounding up the hottest tracks to see you through this weekend.

Pixie Cola - You're living in Pixie World (vol.1)

Readymeal Sound's very own Pixie Cola has dropped her debut EP today, You're Living in Pixie World. The much-anticipated four track release features the talent of Ben Nimmo, Fin Woolfson and Alfie Aukett - all heavily involved in the Leeds-based record label. Pixie's soulful voice carries all the way through the tracks, still maintaining an air of delicacy and intimacy. Be sure to check out the whole EP, and keep your eyes peeled for more movements from Pixie Cola!

You're Living in Pixie World is out now.

Slim Shae - Sinner [Gimme A Break Records]

Manchester-based producer Slim Shae takes another visit to The Edit Room this week, this time with an electro-acid remix of Kendrick Lamar's Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe. Pairing the vocals with spacey basslines, teasing breaks and the occasional string, this edit really shows just how much this producer can do.

You can listen to Sinner on SoundCloud now.

Denham Audio & Friends - CHEEKY001 [Cheeky Music Group]

Denham Audio commemorate the debut release on Cheeky Sneakers, with their first instalment of Denham Audio & Friends (CHEEKY001). The four-track compilation was created alongside the likes of Coco Bryce, Mani Festo, LMajor and Kazuho, and is rooted in the sounds of breakbeat, jungle and house. Set for release on the 23rd of April, this is a record not to be missed.

CHEEKY001 is out now on SoundCloud to preview.

Baka - Nightshifter [Planetaria Music]

Barcelona-based level Plantaria Music have a killer repertoire under their belt, and this club-ready addition makes no exception. Nightshifter, produced by “vinyl collector, dj, beatmaker and button pusher” Baka, is just one of the huge tracks that sits on his debut EP. It combines the forces of ghetto acid, electro and acid in aim of creating "some cyberspace future vibes, always tripping about passing through a sea of blurred colorfull lights in a futuristic cyberpunk like city by night”, explains BAKA.

Nightshifter is out now on SoundCloud. & Moodrich - Pleasure Times (Cowboy Solid Remix) [Posse Up!]

Last year, the power-duo that is and Moodrich combined forces for their debut collaboration, The Pleasure Times. Nine months on, and we are gifted with its sequel - The Pleasure Times Remix EP, a genre-eclectic collection of edits of the iconic tracks. Cowboy Solid has their take on The Pleasure Times, refixing into a chilled-electro number. Check out below.

You can listen to The Pleasure Times (Cowboy Solid Remix) now on SoundCloud.

Belljack - Call Me On That Brickphone [Filth. Inc]

Next up on Mumbai-based label Filth Inc's Free Download series is Belljack's Call Me On That Brickphone. This lofi-infused beat is paired with dreamy synths and delicate vocals, making it the perfect house track to chill out to.

Call Me On That Brickphone is out now on SoundCloud.


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