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Nxdia: Manchester's Alt-Pop Dynamo Makes Waves with Enigmatic New EP 'in the flesh'

MANCHESTER, UK - Enter the captivating world of Nxdia, the genre-defying alternative-pop sensation hailing from Manchester. With roots tracing back to Egypt and an Egyptian-Sudanese heritage, Nxdia's cross-cultural journey enriches their musical tapestry. A prodigious singer-songwriter, they embarked on their artistic voyage at a tender age, fusing heartfelt lyrics with contemporary production and an innate delivery that defies the ordinary.

As a child growing up next to a cinema in Cairo, Nxdia's creative sparks ignited, manifesting through vivid drawings and evocative poetry. This early fascination with storytelling paved the way for their entrancing melodies and lyrical narratives that intertwine seamlessly in their music.

Their latest creation, 'in the flesh,' a mesmerizing six-track EP, delves deep into the recesses of Nxdia's mind. From the poignant contemplation of 'what's it like?' to the soul-searching journey of 'dopamine,' the EP resonates with the artist's introspective exploration of relationships and unspoken desires.

The anthem of resilience, 'decay,' channels Nxdia's frustration at societal limitations and the struggle for a dignified existence. Nxdia recalls, "decay was my response to a world that seems against us thriving, a visceral reaction to the cost of living and the mental toll it takes."

'idc' amplifies the significance of confronting personal demons, while 'tricky conversations' and 'both hands up' candidly address accountability avoidance. The EP encapsulates the turmoil of being trapped in one's own thoughts, revealing Nxdia's emotional labyrinth in candid verses and captivating vocals.

Sonically, 'in the flesh' ventures into uncharted territories, fusing a kaleidoscope of sounds, instruments, and textures. Gritty guitars, shimmering synths, and pulsating beats converge, creating an audial canvas that is as vibrant as it is multifaceted.

Nxdia's ascent is marked by resounding achievements. Their music has amassed millions of streams, graced BBC Introducing Manchester and BBC Radio 1 airwaves, and earned a coveted spot on major DSP playlists. They've enraptured audiences on stages across Manchester and London, including a staggering halftime performance at The Hundred 2022 cricket game, captivating 19,000 at Manchester Old Trafford. The festival circuit also felt their presence, with electric showcases at Liverpool SoundCity, Meltdown in London, Manchester Factory International, and the Liverpool Arab Art Festival.

Nxdia's musical odyssey knows no bounds. 'in the flesh' is set to reshape the sonic landscape, showcasing an artist unafraid to bare their soul, all while captivating hearts and minds with an iridescent and unparalleled sound."

Photo Credit: @photosbyjrd


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