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New Music Friday

Patchworks VA 001

Bristol based DJ and producer Muna has spent the last few weeks putting together her debut 'Patchworks' VA, which is the first in an album series and event dedicated to inclusivity in electronic music, shining a light on FINT (female/intersex/nonbinary/trans) DJs and producers and expressing the euphoria of music and gender all at once. This speedy 6 track high energy voyage will be raising money for the Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network.

Download here.

Zeldin - Hoi [Racket Recordings]

Racket? Yep, it's a new genre. Erratic, skippy rhythms, heavy bass and razor sharp percussion. Racket Recordings will seek to provide the latest in this sound, kicking things off with a single from producer Guido YZ, and now Zeldin.

Listen here.

Scart Lead - Soul Food ('97 Mix) [40GRIT RECORDS]

40GRIT RECORDS are back with another top quality release, this time from label head honcho Scart Lead. 'Soul Food' is the first in their new 4WD series, which Focuses on the 4x4 side of UKG, gearing towards the bump n' swing style with a 'no muckin' approach.'

Listen here.

SKEPTIC- 2K Special Dub Pack

SKEPTIC's rowdy bootleg's of previously considered to be untouchable classics have been causing a riot across the lands. Original nutter, Jump Around, you know name - it's getting a raucous rework. SKEPTIC's latest Soundcloud upload is a 7 track release that, whilst cannot be publicly bought, can be grabbed from him direct if you drop him a message. But hurry up, as there are limited copies going.

Listen here.

Overkissed - M1LK$H4K3 [Filth Inc.]

We all love a 'Milkshake' edit, but surely there's not room for more? Incorrect. The latest free download from Filth Inc. comes from Overkissed, and it sees Kelis' timeless classic get launched into the wood chipper to form an ice cold electro cut.

Listen here.

100% Very Rare House Hits & Summer Anthems Vol.2

Summer's not over yet, and this lot have made sure of it. This 7 track album up to buy from Amadeezy's Bandcamp page is a showcase of all things sunny 4x4. Tracks from Amadeezy, Arm Record, Bae Blade, DJ Brian Seacrest, Point.Reyes, and DJ Nani.

Download here.


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