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Fast rising producer, DJ, and composer, LUXE, formally announced herself to the world with the blistering debut record ‘Belonging EP’. Across four tracks, the classically trained musician showcases an eclectic sound that draws upon the essence of breakbeat, progressive house, and trance. It’s a sonic identity that developed during her time spent in the northern dance hub of Manchester, where she refined her skills as part of the collective and events series B.L.O.O.M. Now the artist delivers the second release on Radical New Theory, a label run by HAAi and Alice Pelly, which aims to shine a light on unique emerging talent, and the inevitable stars of tomorrow.

‘Belonging EP’ represents a journey across the electronic world, blending aspects of the past with the creative freedom of an unknown future. Opening track ‘May I Help You’, with its psychedelic fusion of breakbeat and dubstep, paves the way for a mind-bending experience. It’s an aesthetic that’s further explored on ‘Everything Must Fade’, where LUXE showcases an experimental, warped take on trance, that’s enforced with an array of seductive vocals. ‘A83’ is a track born for the club, which sees the artist at her heaviest, with a chuggy, rolling bassline, destined to set dancefloors across the world alight. We spoke to her about the tracks that shaped her sound:

Club Glow Volume 2

This compilation released by the Clow Glow crew (Denham Audio, Borai, L Major, & Mani Festo) came out in 2019 and I genuinely couldn’t stop listening to it and playing it for months! I would say it’s a complete masterclass in new school UK rave sounds. I’ll never be able to get over the fact that there are 28 tracks and they’re all such quality.

Jack Russell - Temple of Boom Track A1 from Jack Russell Classic series - Vol. 1 Released: 1998 Label: Basic Beat Recordings

This record has a classic Belgian techno vibe but I just love the way it evolves and it mixes with so much new stuff and different genres really nicely - a really good layering track. Also, feel like it got me into more four-to-the-floor stuff early on, i discovered this when I was about 18 and still play it out all the time now.

Anz EP - Anz

This 2017 Anz EP is hands down my favourite, I remember it coming out as her first ever release in my first year of uni and it really inspired me in terms of how it blends so many different sounds - it made me realise that genres can be super fluid and I’ve definitely taken this on into my productions and DJing.

Panagea - In Drum Play Album

I love how vibrant and varied this album is - I was obsessed with it for ages and feel like it shaped a lot of how I think about percussion and drum work.


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