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Leeds/Berlin artist Hang Linton shares debut single 'SALE'

Splicing avant funk, dance punk & breakbeats, Hang Linton will release his debut single ‘SALE’ on September 28th. Cutting his teeth in Berlin working as an artist across multiple projects and collectives, Linton has crash landed on home soil and is ready to make his mark.

A project born after escaping a ‘cult-like pyramid scheme’ and an indoctrination into cutthroat capitalism, Linton has found a new way of thinking. This art is a rebellion against clean aesthetics, inspired by past experiences, changing global events and the ugliness in the world. It's not pretty - but it's important.

‘SALE’ reflects Hang Linton’s sphere of influence and expansive musical world as he playfully cites his biggest inspirations as ‘Talking Heads and binging The Apprentice’. It’s enigmatic and powerfully energetic, accompanied by a soundtrack of futuristic synths, his vocals switching between smooth earworm choruses and spoken-word recital. Armed with a setup of samplers, synths and visuals, Hang Linton is here to demand your attention.

‘SALE’ features electronic pop duo LebBron Aggressive, the work of Berlin based musicians and producers Peter Entrée & Jordan Ramsay who bring cutting edge textures and warming pop hooks to ‘SALE’. Ahead of the release of his debut single, Linton has been slowly making a noise with a run of gripping and masterful live shows at various venues & festivals as well as embarking on a UK tour opening for Zen FC signee Baba Ali.

Hang Linton on ‘SALE’:

“SALE is a surreal take on reality. Everything and anything comes with a price tag. Including yourself. I met LeBron Aggressive while living in Berlin. We started a collective and threw our own parties - real DIY expat vibes that we felt the city was missing. This track is the start of new artistic explorations to express myself and the things I care about by removing all creative limitations."


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