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James McVey Headline Gig, in partnership with Mind Charity

Musician James McVey recently released his EP “Manabi” just before taking to the stage at Hoxton Hall for his headline show on Friday 10th November, in partnership with Mind. Fans completely sold out the gig and it’s the biggest show the venue has ever hosted. 

Opening the night, James TW performed an acoustic set, followed by Patrick Droney, who later joined Mcvey on the stage to perform “Anywhere, Everywhere”. 

James Mcvey took to the stage opening with his track “Dancing on the Head of a Needle”, to which adoring fans had already memorised the lyrics to. 

The musician has openly discussed his experiences with mental health and how it’s an “integral part” of his music at the moment, which he also shared with the audience on Friday night- hence the importance of partnering with Mind for his first solo performance. He thanked his family, friends & band mates from The Vamps, as well as his appreciation to fans for all the support he has received thus far.

Halfway through the set, James headed to the middle of the crowd to perform “Protocol” by The Vamps. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the audience intently listened to the completely unplugged, acoustic performance. A truly unique moment from the evening.

“30,000 Feet”, “Strangers” & “Antarctica” were next on the list, with the crowd truly fixated during this intimate gig. It was clear Mcvey had the audience in the palm of his hand during the whole set. 

Closing the evening with “Dance or Die”, the crowd were on their feet as he finalised the night.

James’ performed at Hoxton Hall was nothing short of mesmerising. Despite having only just released his EP, he managed to captivate the entire audience with his artistry and emotive style. 

James has already announced he’s working on his next EP and is hoping to do more shows next year. We can’t wait to see what he has in store in the coming months!

All photo's and article by Felicity Bearfoot-Fallon


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