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Getting To Know: Kings Elliot

1. "Never Be Mine" explores the complex emotions tied to loving someone who will never be yours. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this song and what led you to delve into such a personal and emotional topic?

Everything I write comes from an experience or something I've felt, and this one is no different. It was such an intense thing to go through that there was no way not to turn it into his kind of song and I’m so glad I did because writing it and especially singing it has healed me 10 times over.

2. In "Never Be Mine," your vocals draw listeners in with melodic delicacy and then build into a passionate and gritty sound. How do you approach conveying the intensity of emotions in your music, especially in this track?

When I wrote ‘Never Be Mine’ I felt sad and frustrated but also angry and furious. I actually worked on the song over multiple days and felt different at different times of writing it, which informed the changing moods you can feel throughout the song. I love how it almost takes you through the stages of grief.

3. The song seems to be a cathartic release of pent-up feelings, including sadness and anger. Can you talk about the process of channeling these emotions into your music and how it helps you cope with them?

I believe that letting it all out helps you heal and I live by that every day of my life. I physically can’t keep my emotions in for better or for worse and channelling my hurt into my songs is the most productive way to do that. I’m lucky that my co-writers are also my closest friends, so when I write a song with them I don’t hold anything back, which allows us to really go deep.

4. Your music is known for its emotional depth and honesty. How important is it for you to share your personal thoughts and feelings through your music, and what do you hope listeners take away from your songs?

I don’t really have much interest in writing or singing songs that don’t stem from a place that is true to me. I use music as a tool to heal and find clarity in my very crowded mind, so for that to be achieved I have to write about things that are real. But it’s not just for me, it gives me a sense of purpose when other people tell me how they identify with what I’m saying and that one of my songs helped them feel less lonely in their emotions.

5. "Never Be Mine" follows your previous release, "It's My Birthday," which also explores heavy emotions. What draws you to themes that are often emotionally challenging, and how do you approach writing songs that touch on such topics?

I honestly just write about whatever is on my mind, which seem to be quite heavy and complex emotions. It helps me work through them, so I don’t want to ever shy away from touching on something that might seem a little too heavy for some people. If anything that makes me want to talk about it more, so I can do my part in destigmatising mental health.

6. You've had the opportunity to open for artists like Lana Del Rey and Stephen Sanchez. How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist, and what have you learned from sharing the stage with such established acts?

It’s amazing to get the opportunity to support bigger acts and grow my fanbase and learn from them and their craft. I think more than anything you just realise the impact that your music can have on people and it motivates you even more when you see the audiences filled with superfans.

7. Your dedication to songwriting has earned you praise from fans and industry insiders alike. Can you share your creative process when it comes to crafting your songs and lyrics, especially for tracks like "Never Be Mine"?

“Never Be Mine” was written with halfrhymes, with whom I write and produce most of my music, and Emelie Eriksson who I also wrote “Lost Again” with. It is basically a therapy session where I spill my guts and then we talk about it and somehow after hours in the studio we have the bones of a song. I do a lot of re-writing and tweaking to get the lyrics to a place where I’m happy with them and Conway (halfrhymes) then does a ton of work on the sonic energy of the record.

8. Your music has been described as a blend of current and timeless elements. How do you see yourself pushing the boundaries of pop music for the 21st century while also drawing from classic influences?

I think it’s exactly that, to be honest. It’s the fact that my inspirations are so classic rather than contemporary. I’m far more influenced by music that came out decades ago than songs that came out in the last few years, but also want these songs to be able to co-exist with the newest and best records out there.

9. What can fans expect from your upcoming releases, including "Never Be Mine," and what message or emotions do you hope these new songs convey?

There is a video coming for “Never Be Mine” that I’m so excited about that was done by an incredible new director in London named Ling Yu Yan. It’s very appropriate for October with Halloween coming up and it definitely explores things I’ve never done from a visual perspective. I just want the song to be an outlet for people who are hurting to heal. It’s part lullaby and part rage-fest in some ways, so I think it can take you through the stages of grief pretty well if you sing along to it.

10. With your growing popularity and accomplishments, what are your long-term goals as an artist, and what kind of impact do you hope to make in the music industry?

I want to make timeless music that helps people. I want to be an ally for people who are struggling and help people know that they aren’t alone if they’re feeling helpless and isolated. I’ve felt that way for far too long and I make the music I wish I’d had at my disposal. Also, anything I can do to help animals, that’s my other huge passion.

11. Finally, could you tell us more about your upcoming projects, performances, or any collaborations you have in the works for the coming months?

I’m originally from Switzerland and I’m really excited to be ending the year back there playing my two biggest headline shows to date as a bit of a homecoming. Those are going to be really special shows where I’ll be playing songs I’ve never played live before and in new ways with new instrumentation. There will be more shows announced later this year and I’m in the studio almost every day working on tons of new releases.


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