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Compilation 'From Manchester to Palestine' Unites for Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

In a resounding display of solidarity and support, a groundbreaking 90-track compilation titled 'From Manchester to Palestine: A Compilation of Music & Poetry' has been unleashed. This project, described as "an urgent show of solidarity from creatives in the city," is making a limited-time appearance from November 1 to December 1, with every penny generated contributing to the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) and Restless Beings, organizations at the forefront of aiding those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The compilation is a testament to the immense heart and spirit of Greater Manchester, with an impressive response from artists, poets, and music stars who rallied together within just seven days. Among the 90 tracks are contributions from prominent Manchester-based figures, including the likes of Mr Scruff, Chimpo, DR MYSTERY, Mecca:83, NIIX, Iceboy Violet, and many more.

It's a diverse and multi-genre offering, spanning UK garage to hip hop, bass to world music, and featuring spoken word and poetry from Manchester's finest creatives.

NIIX, the Manchester-based singer and producer who shared her unreleased track 'la luz,' remarked on her contribution: "‘la luz’ (the light) is a dreamy pop tune originally written during a confusing search for self-identity + purpose. However, it feels much more fitting to offer it to the compilation, as we all experience a universal feeling of terror, confusion + often helplessness. But through our continuous solidarity via sharing materials, amplifying Palestinian voices, showing up at protests + being part of projects like this, I truly believe we can continue pushing until the higher powers must give in."

This groundbreaking compilation is a remarkable blend of artistic expression and humanitarian action. It stands as a powerful call for unity and empathy in the face of the ongoing challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

Don't miss the opportunity to support this important initiative. Purchase 'From Manchester to Palestine' here, but remember, it's only available for one month. You can also find the full tracklist below to discover the incredible array of talent that has come together for this vital cause.


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