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Today, BlackWaters mark their emphatic return with roaring new single ‘In The Sun’. The first release since debut album ‘Something Good Lost In Time’, the band are back and sounding stronger than ever. The summer anthem you didn’t know you needed, it’s packed with the punk rock attitude we’ve come to expect from BlackWaters; and with an unsurprisingly big summer ahead - with the likes of 2000 Trees, Tramlines, and their biggest UK Headline tour to date - ‘In The Sun’ demands to be heard and you can listen to it here.

Musically, ‘In The Sun’ is a real tour de force, ripping through the speakers right from the off with a wall of guitars and backing vocals that would make Brian Wilson blush. At just over two and a half minutes, it’s unrelenting in the best way, bursting with a melody that screams Summer and harks back to the indie heroes of the past whilst also bringing something entirely new to the table; as if The Libertines and Viagra Boys had teamed up to create the feel-good hit of the summer. What’s more, it’s how the track hits lyrically that really takes it to a new level. Whilst on the face of it an uplifting and joyous dose of indie punk, at its core is a message that alludes to the state of play we all currently find ourselves in.

Of the track the band says: ““Where will we land? In the sun” it’s primarily about the state of this planet, the issues we can’t change but want to, the help we’d love to lend to others and the endless spiral our country is heading towards, eventually we’ll land in the sun. I hate to be so dreary but it really is how I feel about the state of things these days. It’s important to stay positive though, the people will always win, it just doesn’t feel like it these days. I like the juxtaposition in the song as it seems like a really jolly good time tune, which it certainly is musically, but lyrically it was written to address something really quite worrying - the way everything’s heading - makes us all feel unsteady. Where will we land?”

Once again, BlackWaters prove their position at the head of the next wave of UK bands is no fluke. Having already seen massive support across the industry, from key tastemakers like Steve Lamacq, Jack Saunders and John Kennedy to name a few; as well as a big summer ahead that sees them embark on their biggest UK Headline Tour to date, slots at 2000 Trees and Tramlines and gear up for album two, BlackWaters aren’t just here to stay, they’re here to take over.


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