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TWIN SKELETONS is crashing through the alternative scene with a roar that echoes the resurgence of raw, unfiltered rock. As the South of the UK's most electrifying antidote, this four-piece, female-led Skeleton Rock Band is not just making music; they're reigniting the flames of genuine, poster-worthy bands with their metal-inspired coming-of-age sound. With an unyielding dedication to showmanship and a knack for storytelling through music, TWIN SKELETONS is poised to carve a significant niche within the industry. Celebrating a whirlwind six months of back-to-back single releases since their debut in September, the band is now set to unveil their much-anticipated debut EP ‘DID YOU GET WHAT YOU WANTED?’ on March 15th. Riding the wave of success from hits like ‘Deadweight’, ‘What You Wanted’, and ‘Make Me’, their latest single ‘(Don’t) Let it Be The End’ weaves a poignant narrative of love, control, and toxicity. Backed by the likes of BBC Radio 1's Nels Hylton and champions from BBC Introducing, TWIN SKELETONS has already etched their mark on the music world. As they prepare for unprecedented press and radio play, join in celebrating the seismic impact of their debut EP, a testament to their journey and a showcase of Skeleton Rock.

1. Your music has been described as a “metal-inspired coming-of-age sound.” Can you elaborate on what influences have shaped this unique blend of genres in your music?

Our influences have always come from a wide range of places but as a band they always overlap and we come back to the same names; the likes of Royal Blood, Wolf Alice, Muse, Paramore & Bring Me The Horizon. This blend combines our female-led pop choruses with our super heavy riffs whilst introducing some modern electronic sounds which we think creates something new and exciting to listen to. 

We particularly love the way bands such as Bring Me The Horizon are pushing the boundaries of what rock and metal can be, and after seeing their recent shows this has only motivated us even more to create and evolve.

2. With the success of your singles “Deadweight” and “What You Wanted,” how do you feel your sound has evolved with your latest release, “Make Me,” especially with the incorporation of electronic synths?

We were completely blown away by the success and support of our first 2 singles and the response has only made us more proud of what we created together. Of course, though, we are always looking to grow and evolve our sound.

With our EP “Did You Get What You Wanted” (out 15th March), we really wanted to demonstrate what we are capable of as a band. “Make Me” was actually the last song that we wrote for the EP and we believe we really demonstrated where we can go sonically. The electronic synths completely transformed the song and took it in a new direction which really excited us. We think it also provides a great dynamic between the thumping main riff and the floaty synth section and makes the riff hit ten times harder at the end of the song!

3. Your lyrics often delve into themes of control and longing. How does the song “Make Me” reflect these themes, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

“Make Me” conveys the constant need to have control over every situation, which results in using selfish ways to do so. It also explores the duality of wanting control over how someone feels towards you whilst being so heavily reliant on them to make you happy.

We’ve probably all experienced something like this at some point in our lives and this song is all about recognising that toxicity and acknowledging the frustration of the situation you put yourself in. Ultimately, this is an angry song, and we think that comes across well with Phoebe’s screaming vocals over the chorus!

4. Twin Skeletons has already received significant recognition, including being featured on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing’s Sound of The Weekend. How has this early success influenced your approach to your music and your aspirations within the industry?

Again, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the support for all 3 releases so far, particularly from Nels Hylton from BBC Radio 1, who made our first two releases his track of the week whilst giving “Make Me” its world premiere.

These sorts of moments are something we have always dreamed of and for it to happen so early on in our music career is completely mind-blowing. We always knew we had written some great songs but we never knew if the songs would ever reach these people, especially so soon. We cannot thank the likes of Nels and James Threlfall who have been incredibly supportive and given us a lot of air time on their shows!

Moments like this have made us realise that we really CAN do it and we’re more pumped up than ever to write some more bangers!

5. As a female-led band in the alternative scene, what challenges have you faced, if any, and how do you navigate these obstacles while staying true to your artistic vision?

We still see a bit of a divide in the industry but we’re starting to see so many new non-male dominated bands come up the ranks such as Dead Pony, South Arcade, Nova Twins, Wargasm, etc. These female-led bands have all made their mark early, and we plan on doing the same.

We are very lucky to have such great support around us at this early stage not just from each other as band members, but also from our manager and someone like Nels Hylton who has been backing us from day 1. 

We don’t see us being female-fronted as a weakness, only a strength, and we will do everything we can to prove that’s the case. Right now, we feel unstoppable, and being female-led will be the last thing to stop us from doing what we love.


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