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Arab Strap Unveils "Strawberry Moon," A Personal Journey Through Sound

Scottish band Arab Strap has released "Strawberry Moon," the second single from their anticipated album, "I’m totally fine with it 👍 don’t give a fuck anymore 👍." Premiered on Huw Stephens' BBC 6Music show, the track marks a sonic departure for the duo, with Malcolm Middleton's bass enveloped in fuzz and electronic drums influenced by Afrobeat and Whitney Houston.

Aidan Moffat describes "Strawberry Moon" as the album's most personal track, reflecting on a challenging period of physical and mental health struggles. The song serves as a "secular hymn" to the moon, a recurring motif in Moffat's work, symbolizing comfort and hope.

The accompanying music video, a collaboration with David Arthur, casts Middleton and Moffat as werewolf and priest in a Glasgow chase, marking their first joint video appearance in nearly 25 years. The duo embraced the full cinematic experience, complete with costumes, special effects, and a mobility scooter. "Strawberry Moon" follows the previously released "Bliss," showcasing the album's expansive sound. The video for "Bliss," directed by Ains, features a dancer navigating a dystopian world.

Set for release on May 10th, 2024, via Rock Action Records, "I’m totally fine with it 👍 don’t give a fuck anymore 👍" represents a pivotal moment for Arab Strap. The album, a collaboration between Middleton, Moffat, and Paul Savage, signals a bold step forward, moving from introspective ballads to assertive alt-pop.

Despite its tongue-in-cheek title, the album underscores a new creative chapter for the band, fresh from a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Philophobia." Arab Strap's readiness to explore new musical territory is palpable, with Middleton and Moffat eager to leave the past behind and embrace a louder, more dynamic future.

The band has also announced a series of live shows across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy, culminating in a homecoming run in Scotland and Ireland. Fans can secure tickets for these dates, promising an immersive experience into Arab Strap's evolving sound.


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