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Track Review: The Difference – Flume & Toro y Moi

In a rather unexpected collaboration, the Australian producer Flume has teamed up with Toro y Moi for a new track called ‘The Difference’. Flume has been a long-time fan of Toro y Moi’s work, citing ‘Talamak’ from Moi’s 2010’s ‘Causers of This’ as one of his favourite tracks, which will be providing the foundations for Flume’s upcoming projects.

The track dropped alongside a brand-new music video, directed by Jonathan Zawda who frequently works with Flume and was the man behind the album cover for his 2016 Grammy-winning album, ‘Skin’.

The short track’s fast tempo couples well with the music video which see Flume endlessly running across downtown LA in something of a fever dream, as the visuals become increasingly more psychedelic in style. The chorus is underpinned by a recurring shuffle beat, drawing attention to the song’s overtones of the EDM genre. Synths are at the heart of this track, reportedly made in a single day, as it was Toro y Moi’s use of the instrument which first drew Flume’s attention.

Flume was supposed to be playing at Coachella in April, before it was postponed to October due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s unlikely that he will be coming to the UK anytime soon.

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