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Zeny Bux Discusses Upcoming Release

At just 18, Zeny is a musician based in Oldham carving my own path. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, The La’s, and more, my songwriting journey has already seen me share the stage with names like Chris Helme (The Seahorses), Dirty Laces, and Barry Sutton (The La’s). Recently, He rocked the scene supporting The Information Highway, catching the lens of RGM Music Press and earning reviews on their article website. The Twitterverse has buzzed with praise from legends like John Power, Ian Brown, Tjinder Singh, and a personal nod from Clint Boon after an impromptu busking session outside Microdot.

Fresh off the press, his latest single "Better Dreams" dropped yesterday – find it on iTunes, Spotify, and more. The journey's just begun, and the rhythm's only getting louder. We spoke to him as his new single came out:

1. Can you tell us about your musical journey and what initially inspired you to pursue a career in music?

As a kid, I've always wanted to compose my own sound and lyrics. I grew up watching different shows when I was young including, music videos, music from TV shows and movies and further onwards. I used to be into a lot of Pop stuff a few years back and that's what made me become the musician I wanted to be today.

Then as the years gone by, I got to the certain age where I wanted to be in a band and pick up the guitar. I started going to After-School Rock Band Rehearsals and then initially, I started to make a hobby for myself.

2. How would you describe your musical style and the influences that have shaped your sound?

As I started to get the hang of playing guitar, I started playing the basics. From Chuck Jones, to Elvis, to Tom Petty, etc. and then years later, I got introduced to Oasis. One of my top influences for playing guitar and songwriting. Then when Lockdown came about, I started listening to other bands such as The Stone Roses, The La's, The Beatles, The Jam, The Who, Northside and many more. Thus, I found my true sound...Indie Rock and Britpop.

3. Can you share a memorable moment or experience in your career that had a significant impact on your growth as a musician?

My favourite, memorable moment which really made an impact to my career was when when I played at a Charity Event in Royton which was called, 'Absent Friends' and I really had a good crowd there. But one thing which was an experience, was when I supported Chris Helme at Taylor's Shure 5 Studios.

4. What is your approach to songwriting, and how do you find inspiration for your lyrics and melodies?

One thing I do for when it comes to songwriting and lyric writing is that I listen to a song or two and look up the lyrics and the meaning for it. Whether it's Oasis or The La's, The Smiths or Jake Bugg, I can compose something that sounds very influential to it. All I got to do is to just take some inspiration in my pocket.

For lyric writing, mainly I just write whatever comes to mind or if I see something I've seen or never seen before. Sometimes, it's inevitable.

5.In the current music landscape, how do you think technology and social media have influenced the way musicians connect with their audience and share their work?

I think it's clever, but dangerous at the same time...because when it comes to the usage of TikTok (Which I have used before), anybody can say want they want, post they want, comment what they want and not even get in trouble for it. That's why I've made the decision for myself to step down from TikTok because of its so-called "algorithm" and they way it just takes advantage of people's mental health.

But technology-wise, I think other social media apps such as YouTube and Instagram definitely does the trick for getting recognition by word or mouth and what-naught.

6. Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations as a musician, and how do you envision your sound evolving in the future?

My goals and aspirations for the future is to play bigger shows, support bigger bands and artists, sell out headlined shows, release an EP (which is what I'm working on at the minute), make an album, become recognised for my songs, play big festivals (like Glastonbury and TRNSMT) and just live life the way I want to live it.Envisioning my sound to be evolved, I hope to see that it inspires other bands and musicians in the future.

7. Tell us about how the idea for the latest song came about? 

The idea for 'I Need Time' was to just compose an Upbeat, Britpop, Rock melody all just by listening to the bands I've been influenced by such as Oasis, The Stone Roses The La's and Cast. And the rest is just history.

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