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Yoshino Shigihara: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Yama Warashi is the musical project of Yoshino Shigihara. She is a Japanese artist from London with a degree in Graphic Design and Moving Image from Kyoto Seika University in Japan. The name refers to a small child-like spirit that lives in the mountains. Yoshino Shigiharas latest album blends warped electronics (via pals Vanishing Twin) and tribal African beats, updating Japanese Folkfor the 21st century. It's an album on craving the natural beauty of home whilst looking at the endless concrete of London, also tackling celestial guidance, evil spirits, veganism and the strength of motherhood.

まんが日本昔ばなし( Japanese folk tales cartoon on TV ) opening title

I grow up with this cartoon, really amazing cartoon with folk tails, some really scary ones too. When I started Yama Warashi, I had this tune in mind and I wanted to create the world or music like this, now it's been quite different but I think the core of YamaWarashi came from this.

Katang by Zun Zun Egui

I was not a musician until I started to play music with Kushal Gaya and we formed this band 'Zun Zun Egui' I didn't know how to use the amp nor pedals, I learned so much from him and bandmate, I learned African rhythms, we listend lots of free jazz. It was such a great band to be in and learned so much. I have a lots of influence from this band musically.

Night Cruising by Fishmans

Japanese trip hop band in 90's. I love the lyrics and sort of dub/reggae feel but they created something very special and i really connect to the music. Very dreamy. My song 'Makkuroi Mizu' is made thinking about them.

Boredoms - Seadrum/House of the sun

Boredoms is just such a special band. I love this tune that they recorded by the shore with drums in the sea.

Journey in Satchidananda

What to say, just beautiful. Very spiritual. I love this bass line, really groovy.


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