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Wombo Unveils Transcendent Single 'Thread' from Upcoming EP 'Slab'

Louisville-based trio Wombo, whose album "Fairy Rust" garnered critical acclaim last year, is back with their second single, 'Thread,' from their forthcoming EP, 'Slab.' The EP is set to release on Friday, June 9, via Fire Talk. Initially conceived as a solo piano piece, 'Thread' weaves unassuming layers into a spellbinding composition, captivating listeners with its delicate simplicity. Lead vocalist Sydney Chadwick's understated delivery and melancholic sentiments create a universally relatable sense of grounding. Accompanying the single is a captivating music video directed by Wombo's own Cameron Lowe.

Sydney Chadwick shares her inspiration behind the track, saying, "Thread was originally just a little thing I used to play on piano. I showed Joel and Cameron one day when we were messing around at practice, and they persuaded me to try and put some words to it and helped me turn it into a song we could play together as a band."

Recorded in their hometown of Louisville by Nick Roeder, Wombo's new EP, 'Slab,' features a collection of instinctual songs that effortlessly blend the band's experimental doses of surrealist escapism with sweeter, stripped-down elements. Many of the guitar parts on the EP are scratch takes, capturing the raw energy and intentional imperfections of the songs. Overlaid vocals were recorded on the same day, resulting in a snapshot of a band settling into their unique sound while continuously evolving. Wombo's trio feels more comfortable than ever, leading listeners through a cohesive framework of peculiar hymns that only they can translate.

The EP's lead single, 'Slab,' draws inspiration from a book on dissociation, with Chadwick improvising the lyrics in the band's basement practice space. The song masterfully combines unexpected lyrical metaphors with complex instrumentation, creating unusually catchy melodies that linger in your mind. 'In Situ,' whose title references an archaeological term denoting finding something in its original position of use, captures the band's compelling live energy. On the other hand, 'Wolfe Ave 40' represents a departure from Wombo's catalog, featuring an intimate and introspective composition written on Chadwick's nylon string guitar. Chadwick explains, "I listened to her, and we found there were things to share." It is in these quiet moments of revelation that Wombo shines brightest, evoking a sense of awakening from a dream, radiating hope and renewed purpose.

With the release of 'Thread' and the impending arrival of 'Slab,' Wombo continues to push boundaries, delivering their distinct brand of sonic artistry. Their ability to seamlessly blend experimental elements with relatable songwriting showcases their growth as a band while captivating audiences with their ethereal compositions. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of 'Slab' on June 9 and experience Wombo's unique musical journey.


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