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Tune Of The Day: "Waiting" By re:tract

Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Re:Tract is starting his year as he means to go on, building on his burgeoning reputation as one of the most eclectic producers around. On the 5th of March re:tract will be adding to his blossoming discography, joining forces with vocalist Iorfa to release “Waiting”, the lead single on his brand new EP. The lead single is accompanied by two remixes and a second single “Need You”. The masterful re-works of ‘Waiting’ come courtesy of Poisonous Birds & BUMPY, whilst both tracks are entirely unique in their sound, they both share the seamless ability to sustain the energy and feeling of euphoria that the original track had, not tampering too much with the already standout vocals.

“Waiting” is our tune of the day. It was the first of the singles released, a track that showcases Re:tract’s masterful production and engineering abilities, providing the perfect musical backdrop for Iora’s stunning vocals. With an authentic passion and humanity always a driving force in his music, this release is no different. The depth of sound, coupled with effortless vocal capabilities of Iora make the release a standout collaboration.


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