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Tune of The Day: Tragedy By DHRUV

Singer-songwriter and producer Dhruv is BabyStep's tune of the day with the release of "Tragedy," the lead single from his forthcoming debut album, slated for release later this year. Co-written by Dhruv and produced by JT Daly, the poignant piano-led track captures the melancholic aftermath of a failed attempt at reconciliation following a breakup.

Dhruv explains the process behind writing "Tragedy," describing it as a pivotal moment where he found his artistic identity. The song, the first to be completed for his upcoming album, serves as a natural entry point into the thematic world of the record. Despite its lyrical exploration of heartbreak, Dhruv emphasizes the intentional infusion of irony and humor, turning a miserable experience into something witty and relatable.

The music video for "Tragedy," conceptualized by Dhruv and directed by AboveGround, unfolds against the backdrop of London. Mirroring the track's themes of misery, the video humorously portrays Dhruv's quest for answers, encountering misfortune at every twist and turn.

Recognized by NME as a pop artist crafting "vital, anthemic" music, Dhruv's introspective songwriting and artistic vision have earned him a record deal with Little Worry/RCA Records. His earlier hit single, "double take," from the debut EP, has surpassed half a billion streams on Spotify, while his overall catalog has collectively reached over a billion streams, boasting an impressive average of 7 million new streams weekly. Following successful supporting tour slots with artists like Joji, Dhruv achieved a sold-out status for his 2022 US & UK tour dates and expanded his reach with shows across Asia in 2023.

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