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Tune Of The Day: Pockets By NeonTown

We're delighted to bring you another tune of the day from Neon Town, this one has been going down really well in the studio recently. Be prepared though, it’s a breakup song, it reminds you of those times when all you want to do is move on and forget.

‘Pockets’ is the first track released this year by the pop-duo ‘neontown’ who we've been fans of for quite some time. Four months after the release of their very first EP, ‘One Of Us’, Jac and Aure are ready to put new music out and are currently working on a new EP, which will be out later on this year.

‘Pockets’ is a collab track with dj/producer Matt Kel. “One day one of our friends on Insta, Matt Kel, pitched the idea to us and said he was looking for someone to write lyrics and add vocals to it. We loved it from the beginning and we started writing and co-producing it. We added a lot of dark vibes too, heavy bass, as we wanted it to reflect the feel of the lyrics”. This single is about the end of a relationship, going out and not taking your phone with you because all you want to do is move on, have fun and eventually heal from the heartbreak. The sound is very experimental for the duo, but it’s moving towards the direction of their upcoming music and style.



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