• Ethan Moxam

Trump Claims False Early Victory, and Says He Will Take Result to the Supreme Court

Donald Trump has falsely announced his election victory early Wednesday morning, despite the election being too close to call as millions of votes are yet to be counted and Biden winning some key states.

Addressing a crowd of adoring supporters at the White House, President trump declared his victory in many states that are too close to call and made baseless allegations of a “major fraud on our nation”. Trump added he would take the election results to the supreme court.

The 2020 U.S. election is on course for its highest turnout in over a century. Due to the vast increase in postal voting some states claim they may not finish presidential ballot counting until Friday, meaning potential days of uncertainty. Despite this there is no evidence of any fraud or disenfranchisement.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has been a vocal proponent of litigation. Speaking at a rally in South Carolina he stated, “were going to go in the night of, as soon as that election is over, were going in with our lawyers”. This mornings announcement helps confirm the worst fears of his opponents, who have been concerned of his past claims that he would not accept the election results, refusing to commit to a peaceful transition and claiming he could only lose if the election is rigged.

Election Map (as of 12:30PM)

President’s Trumps claims have been widely condemned and denounced for being that of an authoritarian and despotic. Adam Schiff, the Democratic Chair for the House intelligence committee tweeted: “Once again, the President is lying to the American people and acting like a would-be despot”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won her re-election in New York, also tweeted: “Donald Trump’s premature claims of victory are illegitimate , dangerous and authoritarian. Count the votes. Respect the results.” Even some conservatives expressed criticism, as Justin Amash a former Republican congressman tweeted in response to Trump’s accusations: tweeted: “That was one of the most dishonest and despotic speeches ever given by a president of the United States.”

The international community has been largely silent over these accusations, except for some European politicians encouraging patience and urging American leaders to wait until all the votes have been counted. Annagret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the German defence minister, said: “This is a very explosive situation. This is a situation that can lead to a constitutional crisis in the US, as experts are rightly saying. And it is something that must cause us great concern.”

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