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After releasing two singles over the summer, Common Saints is quickly securing his place as one of the smoothest producers around, his unique blend of psychedelic soul is something that you won’t have heard before.

Charlie J Perry AKA has produced BTS, Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre and many more of some of the biggest artists in the world in his South London studio. He’s now delving into Common Saints, a passion project consisting of soulful song-writing, incredible instrumental work, incredible vocals and smooth-as-you-like production. It’s no secret that he’s a dab-hand in the studio, and now he’s experimenting with warm, soulful tones, some of the best guitar work you’ll hear in a long time and in general, effortless groovy sounds from the get-go. Very much an up and coming project, we spoke to him about the records that shaped his sound.

Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness

Ethereal and dripping psychedelia, this is a go to and favourite. Its like a movie for your ears, very relaxing and that synth rising in octaves is just iconic.

Pink Floyd – Marooned

Dave Gilmore has been a hero of mine for a long long time; I got a Fender Stratocaster when I was 18 years old and I used to play along to this all the time. Just some of the most tasteful playing in history.

The Beegees – Love You Inside Out

This is a bit of a lesser known Beegees track but it really slams. The attitude and drum sound is immaculate and those layered high vocals are an inspiration!

Marvin Gaye – Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Love the Motown era, this track is a real gem and will forever be a classic. 

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Ultra classic, this one needs little explanation of its inclusion. The vocal performance is so heartfelt, Stevie Nicks is such a great channel of emotion, honest and true.

Give The Common Saints New Single A Listen HERE


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