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Stay In The Moment: London Club fabric Announce New 'No Phones' Club Policy

From 23rd July onwards, London club giant fabric will no longer be authorising photos and videos on their dance floors, with a new ban on mobile phone use.

Following the statement posted on their instagram account, people have flooded the comments in support of this new policy, praising an apparent return to how clubbing should be.

"fabric is London's home for underground music, always aiming to create a feeling of self-expression on the dance floor," the club said in a statement. "We are introducing a strict no photo and no video policy at the club. Stay in the moment and put away your phone, enjoy the night..."

However, some people have been quick to point out some potential negatives to this new policy. Will a lack of footage from nights out give bouncers more leeway to be heavy handed, without fear of being recorded? How will we find our friends in busy dark rooms?

That said, in an age where it seems nothing can occur without it being instantly recorded and uploaded somewhere, this policy could come as a breath of fresh air, with the club atmosphere making a return to the simple principles it all began with: just dancing and having a good time, and living in the moment.


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