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Sofia Kourtesis Announces Debut Album 'Madres'

Acclaimed producer Sofia Kourtesis has set the stage for her highly anticipated debut album, 'Madres,' set to release on October 27 under the renowned Ninja Tune label.

A sentimental masterpiece, 'Madres' is a heartfelt dedication to the producer's mother and the world-renowned neurosurgeon, Peter Vajkoczy, who played a pivotal role in saving her mother's life.

The album boasts ten captivating tracks, including previously released singles like the emotive 'Estación Esperanza,' and today's fresh release, 'Si Te Portas Bonito.' Sofia's soul-stirring compositions promise an unforgettable journey through the depths of emotion and musical brilliance.

'Madres' is bound to leave a profound impact, as Sofia Kourtesis delivers a powerful tribute to love, life, and the bonds that tie us together. Mark your calendars for this poignant release and prepare to be moved by Sofia's enchanting debut album."**


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