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Sheffield-based producer Black Shuck Releases debut EP

Opening cut ‘REM’ is a delightful ambient intro to the project. A reiterated vocal sample which simply utters “this is not reality” glides over the top of a glitchy but spacious soundscape to round off a pleasant opener.

The need for such a warm and inviting first track becomes apparent the second track 2 begins. ‘Old Ones’ greets us with some sinister bass synth, which are only allowed to breath for a few moments before the abrasive instrumental really takes flight. The extra layer of drums which comes in around the 1:10 mark are just one of the many uncompromising components that’ll get the blood pumping.

On ‘Broken Clocks’, Black Shuck elects to deploy some lighter, but equally gratifying percussion this time, as some bongos bring somewhat of a tribal aura. Some understated hi-hats and intimate synth chords give the song an authentic sense of depth.

It’s not until the final track out of the four that we hear perhaps the most cut-throat, caustic production. ‘Acupuncture’ begins with an amiable drum loop, but from there it only accelerates in intensity, and refuses to halt for almost the entire duration. The track does a great job of keeping things fresh too (despite its three minute run time suggesting it might not even need to). Numerous different avenues are teased, if even for a few seconds, leaving the listener happily bemused as to what direction the track is headed in.

What the Night Terrors EP does so well is create a sense of urgency through hard percussion and glitchy synths, but achieving this without sacrificing anything in terms of song composition and production quality.

Stream the EP here.


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