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Release Of The Week: Bricksweat Records The Foundation VA

Brick Sweat Records are a label born in the North of England, inspired by and devoted to championing a plethora of global artists in the underground electronic dance music scene. Since our birth back in September 2021, they've attracted an evergrowing following of listeners and attracted global artists to release music the label. We were massive fans of their debut VA, which helped the label make its mark, establishing themselves as multi-genre tastemakers.

The label's mission is to spread love and good music. They certainly achieve that in the VA this time around. The label has come in with a revised medley of artists, melding a VA that comprises an eclectic mish-mash of genres.

Once again, 50% of earnings from the release will go to an amazing charity, The Snowdrop Project. The charity does amazing work to support survivors of human trafficking in the UK, from teaching basic English lessons to finding and renovating permanent homes for survivors. The label explained their reason to carry on working with the charity. "They invited us to their charity dinner earlier this year after we donated a chunk of money from The Foundation Vol.1, and hearing some of the stories from the survivors themselves really left a mark on us. We couldn’t not support them again.

The full tracklist can be found below:

1)Waxtek - Good Time 05:37

2)Melodramatic - At Night 04:22

3)Krysa - Off The Wall 05:01

4)Helsmoortel - All Love 04:49

5)Silverback - Antiphon 04:05

6)Nasty King Kurl - Bullets Fly 03:44

7)Private Caller - No Masters 05:20

8)Moodrich - Chewin' 05:11

9)Samyul - Squish That Shit 04:48

10) Guchon - Nasty Rave Tape 03:53

11)Lubeat x Derkach - The Mic Is A Preference 04:49

12)Glo My - CSI NY 05:32

13)PAS1 - Where were you in 2002? 05:25

14)Kaidun - Blue Rose 06:13

15)Jinzi - Casio C1 04:44

16)Alfaz - Rattlesnake 04:30

17)joeysan - WKD LUV 05:07

Listen to the VA HERE

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