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Reform Are Hosting A 24 Hour Livestream To Celebrate Earth Day

The wonderful people over at Reform are hosting a special, 24-hour broadcast for Earth Day 2021, building on from the international conversation started with last year’s broadcast, to maintain a specific focus on climate action.

Including specially produced shows from Chevel (Italy), Bobby Blackbird of Equiknoxx (Jamaica), Diamin (Argentina), Coco Em (Kenya), Odete (Portugal), Omma (Russia), DJ Black Low (South Africa), DJ Bowlcut (South Korea), SolarSoundSystem (France), TraTraTrax (Colombia) & many more around the focus of climate action.

From 00:00 BST on Wednesday 22 April 2021, the line-up of 24 handpicked international DJs and artists will be airing hour-long shows from a vast lineup, that is connected by a passion for the environment, ecology and the climate movement from the perspective of music artists and the countries they are representing.

Italian techno DJ & Label Owner, Chevel spoke on the importance of the Climate issue to him: “Climate change and waste management is the challenge our current and future generations have to face urgently. We are guests on this planet and we need to remember that. Putting climate change as a central matter of current and future political investments means being more in harmony with what gives us life.”

The curation of the lineup had a focus not only on showcasing international perspectives, but also of those who are currently active in the climate action movement in the music industry. This includes France’s SolarSoundSystem, pioneer of the sound-systems powered only by renewable energies, a solar powered web-radio and a music label that plants a tree for every copy sold of their release.

The event is running from Midnight tonight until Thursday Midnight

The full line-up includes:

AJDA KARA - Spain ● BOBBY BLACKBIRD ( Equiknoxx ) - Jamaica ● CHEB RUNNER - Morocco ● CHEVEL - Italy ● COCO EM - Kenya ● DIAMIN - Argentina ● DJ BLACK LOW - South Africa ● DJ BOWLCUT - South Korea ● HINAKO OMORI - Japan ● ISOKE.WAV - USA ● LUCIA KAGRAMANYAN - Armenia ● MAARJA NUUT - Estonia ● MAQMAN - Switzerland ● MISTICA - Germany ● MO JAKOB - Netherlands ● MONIKA SETA - Lithuania ● MÜSTESNA RECORDS - Turkey ● NAOBA - Nicaragua ● NURI - Tunisia ● ODETE - Portugal ● OMMA - Russia ● SOLAR SOUND SYSTEM - France ● TRATRATRAX - Colombia ● ZOPELAR - Brazil

Full schedule and times on For more information contact:


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