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Records That Shaped Our Sound: Babe Club

Babe Club are a band from Charleston, SC, USA. The duo behind the band Jenna and Corey are creating an incredible sound considering there’s just two of them. They have a seriously distinct sound of grungey pop that you just can't not love . We spoke to the band about the songs that shaped their sound for their latest release, Enjoy!

Cheerleader - St. Vincent 

St. Vincent will always be my favourite from when I was growing up. I’ve always loved how relatable yet specific and personal her lyricism is. I definitely intrinsically carry her style in my own writing at times. I also love how emotional and raw her performances are. In this song specifically I love how beautifully she sets free a dark subject matter. 

Trying- Bully

I definitely took an influence to how honest Alicia writes. She says a line, “I’ve been praying for my period all week”, and I love how she could put that line in a song and be real and put it all out there. She definitely paved a way for me to say, “did you really cum when he went down?” in our song “Need A Girl”. I was listening to this record a lot and I was pretty mad about the world, and I would drive around practicing screaming in my car to this song just to see if I could do it. I didn’t want my roommates to hear haha. That song is also why I scream at the end of our song Future Talks. 

Cactus Tree- Joni Mitchell 

This line in the song, “Her heart is full and hollow like a cactus tree while she’s so busy being free” influenced some of the lyrics in Expectation. I related to it in that I could only be with people I loved for fleeting amounts of time while we were touring. I felt sad being gone all the time but I also felt free being out there. 

Amber Coffman “if you want my Heart” & full album “City of no Reply”

I had been a fan of the dirty projectors for a while, so of course amber coffman’s record came out I was going to check it out.  One of the singles “if you want my heart” really grabbed my attention, and it’s production style was super inspiring to me. With the different percussive elements coming in and out with synth/organ pads in the background. We ended up making the original demo for the song Together around the time I heard her new album. I remember particularly trying to treat the bass the same way Dave Longstredth would on the verse. Kind of syncopated, pushing/pulling away from the beat. 

Vampire Weekend “Hannah Hunt”

(Also everything from first 3 Albums)

This isn’t a single track but...Everything from the first 3 Vampire weekend albums honestly. I had them on repeat from 2014-2019  I love the playful but deeply dark vibe they were working with. The production was so emotional, but exploratory. And not to mention the song writing was complex, but simple enough to anthemic at the same time. If I had to say one track I suppose it would be Hannah Hunt. 

Make sure to hear over to the bands Spotify this Friday, link is HERE

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