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Purple Disco Machine Takes a Nostalgic Trip Back to the 80s with 'Bad Company'

German producer Purple Disco Machine is once again bringing the magic of disco to the forefront with his latest release, 'Bad Company.' The track pays homage to his roots while adding a contemporary twist that is bound to conquer dancefloors worldwide. Following the success of his collaboration with Kungs on 'Substitution,' which has been dominating radio airwaves across Europe, Purple Disco Machine proves that the demand for authentic disco beats is stronger than ever in 2023.

'Bad Company' showcases Purple Disco Machine's ability to create an energetic atmosphere that captures listeners from the very beginning. The song's introduction, reminiscent of an action movie, sets the stage with striking synths and powerful horns. As the signature piano chords, funky bassline, and enchanting rhythm kick in, you'll find yourself immersed in a funk-fueled world that makes you feel like the star of your own show. The track masterfully builds tension, allowing the samples to breathe and pave the way for a disco-infused dance finale that will have you grooving like never before. This mashup of 70s and 80s disco samples creates the perfect moment for dancers to let loose and let the music guide them.

Drawing from classic disco hits such as 'Ain't He Bad' by First Choice and 'Fascinated' by Company B, Purple Disco Machine's passion for disco's rich history shines through. The track combines iconic samples with a contemporary touch, reminiscent of his previous club hits like 'Dished (Male Stripper),' 'Body Funk,' 'In My Arms,' and 'Playbox' that captured the hearts of fans and producers worldwide. As summer approaches, expect 'Bad Company' to dominate the European music scene, with Purple Disco Machine commanding thousands of disco lovers at shows in Ibiza, Lisb-On Jardim Sonoro, We Are FSTVL, and his highly-anticipated PRIDE headline show at the Summer Stage in Central Park, New York City. And of course, his trademark perfectly trimmed mustache and collection of tropical shirts will accompany him on this exciting journey.

To complement the infectious rhythm of 'Bad Company,' Purple Disco Machine has released a super fun music video shot at the vibrant Venice Beach Boardwalk. Directed by Katie Paul and featuring the incredible Bob's Dance Shop, who will also join him on selected tour dates, the video captures the essence of self-expression, empowerment, and community. Bob's Dance Shop is a haven of dance, music, fashion, and spontaneity, encouraging audiences to embody their truest selves while dancing and laughing their hearts out. With the mantra "Be Our Best," Bob's Dance Shop and Purple Disco Machine invite viewers to watch the lively music video and join them on a joyous disco journey.


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