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Phasmid Releases Latest Single On ME1 Records

ME1 records named appropriately after the Rochester postcode. It is a label by the people for the people, with open arms, acceptance and love at the heart of its ethos. It is a movement that is driven by the inclusion, expression and unification of all colours and creeds brought together through music, art and parties.

Originally founded by Levi Kent (Celestial Being) and Aleks Richards as an outlet for their own releases and friends in the area, the label soon moved into the city where the pair began throwing small intimate parties in venues such as Rye Wax and The Amersham Arms and hosting great talent such as Bailey Ibbs, Bluetoof, Conair, Yazzus, Tia Cousins, Folly, J-Cannon and more!

Joe Cooper (Joe Koshin) and Greg Cooper (Gerg) friends of both Levi and Aleks soon joined the ME1 family as co-owners.

The pair brought a new flavour to the label and have helped turn it into the forward-thinking, boundary-pushing entity it is today.

We welcome Phasmid into the MEFD series with open arms and twisted melons as he delivers an enchanting electro-breaks banger entitled ‘Losing My Mind’. The song fulfils its namesake, featuring an ensemble of swirling synths and omnipresent vocal chops that lurk within the tune’s hallucinatory ambience. Despite the contemplative and hypnotic nature of the track, its foundations of driving breaks and smooth bass never fail to deliver all the energy required to bring any room to its feet.

MEFD002 Losing My Mind is released on Tuesday 9th February as a free download on ME1's Soundcloud Below:

The ME1 Mafia has now expanded and has friends and family all over the globe, which we hope we can soon come together and celebrate with.

With big plans in the pipeline ME1 records has a string of releases in the works as well as plans to showcase all of the amazing artists who we are lucky enough to have connected with on this musical journey.


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