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People Behind The Party: Papa Nugs

We’re back, after what’s felt like forever, with an event at Wharf Chambers. BabyStep is back for its first night back since lockdown. ‘We Will Dance Again’ was a motto we embraced during lockdown, in the hope that we will all be united in the near future in the club. We’ve been overwhelmed by all the messages since we announced our event. Thanks so much to anyone whose supported us and bought a ticket. You can still grab one HERE

It was important that this party welcomed artists on board who've helped us along the way. Whether it be performing at previous events, contributing with mixes or having been featured in the magazine. Here is a chat we had with our headliner for the night Papa Nugs, enjoy!


Ello ello my names Joe but I produce and DJ under the name Papa Nugs (proudly the dumbest name in garage other than Todd Edwards I mean come on Todd show some creativity (only joking if u see this Todd I love you u beautiful American bastard)). I started mixing 5 years ago before I came to Leeds when I was a little DnB dweeb (still love it a bit), and for the past 4 years I’ve been based in Leeds where I started taking DJing and putting on events a bit more seriously, and then during lockdown I started making tunes religiously which has been going pretty good so far – a fair few vinyl releases in the next couple months to keep an eye out for! I mainly play old school garage but produce everything from UKG to breaks to quicker booty house stuff/jungle so love to always play a big ol range of tunes

What’s your relationship with BabyStep?

I first met Rob a couple years ago while we were writing for The Whip magazine where we bonded over overpriced Amstel and our shit senses of humour. That was when I first heard about the amazing stuff going on over at babystep HQ and the rest has been history. Was sick to get to the studio recently and see Peaky do his ting – excited for many more collabs to come with the Babystep family.

What does Leeds mean to you and how has it helped you creatively?

Crikey you’re gunna make me get all sentimental here – Leeds is where I realised how much amazing dance music there is out there that isn’t just the three sub genres of DnB I used to listen to religiously. It’s where I first started putting on events and making my own music and where I realised I wanted to pursue a career in music. But most importantly its where I met all my lavly pals and had 4 of the best years eva. Will miss u leeds (even though I’ll be back every few weeks to put on events) <3

What type of a set can we expect at Wharf Chambers?

Mostly high energy old school garage speeding up through breaks/electro and into booty/ghetto territory with a healthy splashing of cheesy-yet-steezy edits along the way. GASSED

Do you have a go-to tune when you play live?

AKA – Warning (Sunship Remix) has been my go to garage tune for about 3 years now. Also Stereo Love – Edward Maya for when I get too pissed and start dropping back to back europop.

5 things for people to support in Leeds

Leeds Childrens Charity, Gimme a Break Records, Charlie Chan’s on Victoria road, Peaky Beats Records and ofc everyone at Babystep. See u on the 24th nerds.

This interview was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.


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