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People Behind The Party: Ladies lovin'

We’re back, after what’s felt like forever, with an event at Wharf Chambers. BabyStep is back for its first night back since lockdown. ‘We Will Dance Again’ was a motto we embraced during lockdown, in the hope that we will all be united in the near future in the club. We’ve been overwhelmed by all the messages since we announced our event. Thanks so much to anyone who supported us and bought a ticket. You can still grab one HERE

It was important that this party welcomed artists on board who've helped us along the way. Whether it be performing at previous events, contributing with mixes or having been featured in the magazine. Here is a chat we had with Ruby Savill-Downs and Millie Beth Wright, the amazing people behind Ladies Lovin, who'll be playing on the night.


We are Ruby and Millie of Ladies Lovin’, a Leeds-based collective that celebrates the power of women through music and art! We started off as a radio station nearly 2 years ago now and have been DJing for just over a year. Our musical style as a duo is very much eclectic and combines the individuality of us both. But when we are playing to an audience, we love to focus on music that we know will get people dancing, whether that be breaks, afrobeat or UKG or disco.

What’s your relationship with BabyStep?

Leeds is such a nice circuit of close-knit collectives, labels, and artists, and so BabyStep is always very much on our radar as a magazine we look up to and take inspiration from! Ruby, one-half of Ladies Lovin’, was also appointed the Music Editor of BabyStep in the autumn, and so has a very integrated role within the magazine.

What does Leeds mean to you and how has it helped you creatively?

Leeds is a wonderfully unique hub for creativity that has benefited us so much within our journey as Ladies Lovin’. It has always been a place where so much more has seemed possible, in terms of making connections and creating opportunities. Both the music and art communities are friendly and accessible, in a way that welcomes you and makes you feel like anything is within reach.

As a collective, we have been fortunate enough to connect and work with so many talented people that we could never forget, and that will always be a part of Ladies Lovin. Leeds has also enabled us to flourish individually, Ruby as a DJ and producer and Millie as an artist.

What type of a set can we expect at Wharf Chambers?

As our first gig back after a long time, we almost feel spoilt for choice! However, our definitive goal for this set is to make it as fun as possible, to play music that immerses everyone back into the experience of clubbing. The focus will be on tunes that everyone knows and loves.

Do you have a go-to tune when you play live?

We try to keep every set or mix we do very new and exciting, and so we probably don’t have a go-to track that we play regularly. However, Chaka Khan’s I’m Every Woman is definitely the soundtrack to Ladies Lovin’ – it was the intro to our radio show, and the closing tune for our debut event. In this sense, it holds a very special place in our hearts and really defines what we are about!

5 things for people to support in Leeds. (can be a dj, artist, label, collective, venue etc.)

· The TitChat – an amazing platform that celebrates feminism and educates others about it.

· The LockUp Leeds Venue – a lovely up-and-coming community venue that are worth checking out.

· Women’s Lives Leeds – a charity whose fundamental goal is to support vulnerable women in Leeds

· Martha Harris – A Leeds-based artist who helped with our very first event. She is super talented!

· Narr Radio – super exciting new radio station in Leeds!

This interview was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.


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