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PEARL- "WHERE I GO" Creates a Biophilic Sonic Wonderland!

Get ready to be transported to an enchanting realm as British singer-songwriter and producer, PEARL, unveils her debut EP, "WHERE I GO." Nestled within verdant and ethereal landscapes, PEARL's music weaves a captivating tapestry of nostalgic synths, dreamy vocals, and descriptive lyrics that paint vivid pictures in the listener's mind.

Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the English countryside, PEARL's childhood was a playground of building dens in the forest and basking in nature's wonders. This deep connection with the natural world shines through in her music, where she masterfully blends organic, classically trained soprano vocals with mesmerizing synthetic instrumentals. PEARL is all about exploring and creating a soundscape that resonates with her true essence, as she reveals, "PEARL is my birthstone and holds a lot of symbolism for me. I finally feel grounded and sure of myself."

"WHERE I GO" is an EP that delves into the theme of acceptance, featuring four tracks that serve as a cathartic journey of processing emotions and embracing positive growth. Recorded and co-produced at Urchin Studios with Matt Ingram, the EP draws inspiration from artists like Sylvan Esso, BANKS, Maggie Rogers, and captures the lyrical imagery reminiscent of Ben Howard. Dancing delicately between indie pop, alt pop, and synth pop, PEARL's music is a celestial fusion of echoing synths, pulsating beats, and shimmering melodies.

For PEARL, music is a visual experience, and her EP paints a lush, biophilic world brimming with velvety chairs, warm cocooned spaces, and abundant greenery. Her overactive imagination breathes life into each composition, inviting listeners to step into her fantastical world.

Already making waves in the music industry, PEARL has garnered support from numerous Spotify editorial playlists, showcasing her unique place in the musical landscape. As she invites audiences to embark on this magical exploration, her harmonious symphonies and captivating landscapes will leave you spellbound.

Prepare to be mesmerized by PEARL's sonic wonderland and immerse yourself in the ethereal journey of "WHERE I GO," a magical EP that promises to be a breath of fresh air in the music scene.


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