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Peace Transport Listeners to Celestial Heights At London Show

Credit: Ink Blots

When a band defies expectations at every turn, magic happens. Peace, embodying this ethos, have made a triumphant return to the stage this year with a string of standout shows. The duo of Harrison and Sam Koisser, armed with a revised sound and vision played at London’s iconic Heaven, sending fans new and old to celestial heights for a night of sonic bliss.

The last time the band played at this venue was in 2015, shortly after the release of sophomore album Happy People. It was arguably their most commercially successful period as a band, with sell-out shows and indie anthems adored by the masses. Undoubtedly, this marked the zenith of their commercial triumphs so far, boasting sold-out performances and indie anthems cherished by the multitudes. In their current resurgence, the era they now navigate seems to resonate with a depth and sincerity that surpasses all that came before.

Credit: Inkblots

Peace welcomed fans new and old to celebrate what came before, whilst placing a firm foot forward on what lies ahead for one of the most sorely missed bands around. They make their return, albeit with two voids – drummer Dom Boyce and guitarist Doug Castle have gracefully departed the band, leaving Harry and his brother Sam to forge ahead as a steadfast duo. 

Much like their show earlier in the year at Colour Factory. Peace embraced the club-like atmosphere of Heaven, delivering a night that was both celebratory and emotionally charged. The duo's performance, one of their first in almost four years, immediately dispelled any doubts about their new live setup. Even in comparison with the shows earlier this year, they couldn’t look more at ease incorporating their new set-up into their live show. From the electrifying opening rush of 'Follow Baby,' 'Lost On Me,' and 'Money,' a sold-out Heaven of revelers all break into a frantic dervish, all bound in their collective joy of Peace’s return.

Credit: Inkblots

'1998,' a fan-favorite did what is always does, conjuring a mosh pit that endured for the rest of the night, seamlessly transitioning into the frenzy of 'Bloodshake.' Led by the magnetic Harrison Koisser, the frontman exuded rock star charisma, captivating the audience in a sharp, energetic set that celebrated the essence of Peace.

What elevated the night to grandeur was the manner of their return. Introducing tracks from 'Utopia,' with tracks like 'Darkness On The Dancefloor,' 'Happy Cars,' 'Polly With The Perfect Hair,' and 'Good Jeans' effortlessly intertwined with the band's greatest hits, marking the beginning of an unmissable new chapter. There’s something quite magical about the fact that even some of the most die-hard fans would have left the gig with a newly-informed and enriched perspective on Peace.

Credit: Inkblots

The evening was punctuated with special moments, both poignant and exhilarating. From the emotionally charged renditions of 'Float Forever,' 'From Under Liquid Glass,' and 'California Daze' to the infectious energy of 'Wraith' and 'Lovesick,' the audience reveled in the collective experience. A hilight of the night was when Peace covered Teenage Dreams, welcoming on Lydia from the crowd to belt out the classic. It's reflective of a band in touch with their fan-base, all done with a knowing nod to the irony of it all.  'World Pleasure', a track with the world’s best baseline brought the set to a close, Peace left no doubt about their ambition—an incredible evening that defied convention and embraced the universal moments of joy, fun, and life.

In a world that often adheres to standard rules, Peace's return to the capital was sheer euphoria—a testament to their refusal to conform, their joyous revelry, and their ability to create a musical experience unlike any other. In a musical landscape where conformity is the norm, Peace stands as a beacon of uniqueness and innovation. Welcome back, Peace; the music world is richer with your return.

All photos were taken by the incredible Ink Blots.

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